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Cold Lake Montessori Daycare & School "Discovering the Joy of Learning"

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Cold Lake, T9M1A5
Alberta, Canada
Kimberly Clarke
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Cold Lake Montessori Daycare & School, is more than just daycare. We are a vibrant and nurturing FULL DAY childcare program dedicated to educating children from newborn to 12 years of age. Our enriched program blends the best of Montessori Philosophy and Early Childhood Education; which strives to support the whole child; one who is confident, responsible, and self-reliant, who will discover the joy and love of learning.


Full Day Program: 6:30am - 6:00pm

Part Time Program: Morning Session: 8:30am - 11:30am
Afternoon Session: 1:00pm - 3:30pm


Mini-Toddler- newborn - 2.5 years
Toddler - 19 months - 3 years
Primary - 2.5 years - 6 years
Kindergarten- 4 -6 years
Grade 1 - coming soon! (We are currently looking into offering grade 1)
Summer Camp - newborn - 12 years of age

Fees are based on ages of children, as well as what room a child is placed in.

Mini (newborn - 12 months) FULL TIME 900.00

Mini-Toddler Room (13 - 2.5 yrs) FULL TIME $850.00

Toddler (19 months - 3 yrs) FULL TIME $800.00

Primary (3 - 5 yrs) FULL TIME $750.00
PART TIME $450.00

Junior & Senior Kindergarten (3 - 6 yrs)
FULL TIME $750.00
PART TIME $400.00

(Part time program is only offered to Primary children. It is 5 days a week. We offer a morning or afternoon session. Full Time takes priority)


More Information on the Montessori Education:
In the Montessori classroom the main areas of learning include:

Montessori children typically do not remember learning to read, as the environment is designed so that all activities feed naturally toward the development of skills required for reading. Thus, reading is experienced as part of the process of living. It was not only Maria Montessori's trust in the child's power that lead her to approach reading in this natural way, but also her concept of the child as an active, rather than receptive being. She considered it the job of education not to fill the child with the techniques for reading, but to free the child for self-expression and communication. Therefore, although reading, writing, spelling, and grammar are introduced to the child in an organized method, the presentation allows the child to acquire reading skills without realizing the effort.

Math is the study of numbers, quantities, shapes, and measurements and how they relate to one another. In Montessori math, the children are introduced to the sensorial impressions of numbers, the decimal system and its functions, addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division. Using manipulative materials, the child explores these concepts physically, creating a basis for more abstract operations.

Culture and Science
Including History, Geography, Zoology and Botany

Awareness of history for a child begins with awareness of himself within bounds of time. As we chart the days of the week, the months and seasons, time awareness becomes part of daily life.

Geography is the study of the earth including its people, resources, climate and physical features. Teaching Geography aids the child in developing a clear sense of spatial orientation. By giving sensorial impressions of the earth and showing children their relationship to it, Montessori lessons help develop a foundation of global awareness. In addition, Geography lessons explore different world cultures. Through exposure to cultural traditions and lifestyles, geography lessons allow the child to become aware of and develop a respect for all cultures, which is critical in today's global community.

Children by nature are interested in animals. They are fascinated by the fact that, like themselves, they posses life and character. Through observing and discussing how different animals eat, rest, or building a nest the child will develop a better understanding and knowledge of the animals all around the world.

Exploring the subject of Botany helps a child develop an appreciation for and an understanding of the life cycle. Through specific Botany works, the child develops a greater knowledge and understanding of the virtue of patience as the child is exposed to nature's seasonal changes and the growth cycle.

The sensorial materials are designed to aid the child in training and refining his/her five senses. Children are exposed to concepts such as length, weight and color and challenged to make judgments about them. By using the sensorial materials, the child learns to recognize similarities and differences; to discriminate between similar objects and to gradiate similar objects. Each set of materials is used as carefully and precisely as possible. Precision at this stage prepares for later work in geometry.

Practical Life:
The purpose of practical life exercises is to encourage conscious, orderly, controlled and functional knowledge out of the mass happenings in the real world. The practical life exercises help a child break down jobs at hand into easily manageable components. They all require real tools: silverware, wood, glass etc- all items that reflect and typify an actual home environment. In this way, they provide the child a chance to learn what practical living is, and how to manage it.

Because he/she is young, the child is willing to work and is receptive to direction. He/she works for the simple joy of doing the task at hand, so early childhood is the ideal opportunity to give him/her the tools of learning and give him/her the methods to use them. The teacher is an important catalyst, allowing the child to repeat the task for its own sake. The teacher also helps him/her appreciate the value and dignity in the work itself. The main areas in the practical life exercises involve Grace and Courtesy, Care of Person, Care of the Indoor Environment, and Art.

As the child builds success upon success with small tasks, he/she is able to go on to greater ones, mastering his/her small environment.

Within these areas of the classroom we will have a monthly theme. We will also be doing a sound of the week; this information will also be in the newsletter that is sent home.

“An educational method that shall have liberty as its basis must intervene to help the child to a conquest of liberty. That is to say, his training must be such as shall help him to diminish as much as possible the social bonds which limit his activity.” ~ Maria Montessori
Admission conditions
Offering a Full Day Toddler program for children newborn - 3 years of age as well as,

Full Day and Part Time English and French Immersion Program for Primary children 3 - 6 years.

Adult to child ratio:
1:3 children newborn - 12 months
1:4 Mini-Toddler
1:6 Toddler
1:8 for Primary
1:10 for Kindergarten
1:15 School-Age (6 years - 12 years)

Healthy Breakfast, Lunch and 3 snacks are provided (Breakfast and one of the snacks is dependant upon drop off and pick up times.

Fenced yard.

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