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  1. Charging parents for holidays
  2. Daycare software?
  3. Having a hard time finding another child for my daycare!
  4. One spot... many calls
  5. What are your important issues? Where will you compromise?
  6. Interviewing Tips
  7. What hours do you keep?
  8. Providing care through pregnancy and after delivery
  9. It's Tax Time!!!
  10. Holding Fees?
  11. Anyone use Excel or Access for bookkeeping?
  12. Clean up time!!!
  13. Bed bugs policy?
  14. Before and After School Care
  15. Part-time vs Full-time
  16. Accounting
  17. Breaking a contract
  18. Open door policy?
  19. Home Insurance - Ottawa Area
  20. Taxes & Day home meal expenses
  21. Parents on government subsidy
  22. Daycare budget
  23. Finding clients: could I be doing something wrong?
  24. Late payment policy
  25. Payment methods
  26. Charging for sick days...
  27. One kid leaves and no salary for months
  28. Choosing a schedule
  29. Planning for emergencies
  30. Cost of care vs Age of child
  31. Daycare Open House?
  32. Summer Vacations
  33. Salary
  34. We talk about our interviewing weaknesses...
  35. Determining a part-time rate
  36. Scenario: Client wants care in October... It's March now
  37. Need to terminate childcare b/c of fees... any suggestions?
  38. How do you manage/organize your time?
  39. Announcing a rate increase
  40. Charging more for diaper age/potty training
  41. Sibling Discounts and Teacher's Kids
  42. Easter Monday - Are you open or closed and do you charge or not?
  43. Closing...
  44. Day Care Kids and Classes
  45. Rate Increases - the when and the how
  46. When do you get paid??
  47. Pets in a day home
  48. Waiting Lists
  49. The sigh of relief meeting interviewees down the road
  50. What hours are you "open"?
  51. To Claim or not to Claim....
  52. When parents contact you MONTHS in advance
  53. Encouraging parents to come pick-up their children on time
  54. Contract length
  55. Tracking expenses
  56. Am I being too rigid? Parent wants me to negotiate my contract.
  57. Another Newbie Question - Part time vs Full time
  58. Sitting for day care kids outside of the dayhome
  59. How many hours per day our children in your care?
  60. Age Groups
  61. New to daycare...Regretting my Rates & Policies
  62. Overnight care
  63. Fire escape plan?
  64. Posting Rates on Website
  65. Help! Relocating!!
  66. Before/After School Care offered at School?
  67. Thinking of revising my contract to include some NEW key points.
  68. Grandpas in Heaven....baby not in daycare...
  69. Signing Contracts - How long will you wait?
  70. Before After school question:no time for searching old post!
  71. Charging for transition dates
  72. Working for former daycare provider
  73. Taxes! What to claim and approx. what do you ending up owing back?
  74. Has Anyone Offered Parent's Night Out?
  75. Rates for Before and After School care
  76. Difference in daily rates
  77. Rate increase amount
  78. Paid Sick Days for Providers
  79. Vehicle Insurance
  80. Tax/CPP
  81. Equipment write-offs
  82. Prices for Daycare in Halton area
  83. What is the youngest you will watch?
  84. Another expense question - GST
  85. Not sure what to charge?
  86. Can I set the policies I feel are best?
  87. How do you terminate?
  88. Daycare rate for baby under 6 months?
  89. Insurance Considerations for Unlicensed Care?
  90. Follow-up after an interview
  91. Change of situation
  92. Hiring an assistant/helper?
  93. Overnight care, early arrival and late departures
  94. Emergency Procedures?
  95. After School Kids - Rates for 1 hour of care?
  96. Sickness Policy
  97. School Aged Kids
  98. Montessori HOME Daycare
  99. Weekly or monthly rate?
  100. Christmas block leave?
  101. Ho-hum, back to the grind again!
  102. What to Charge?
  103. Possible move to South Fallingbrook Orleans
  104. Advertising options for small private day homes???
  105. What to do if a parent does not pick up their final receipt?
  106. Drop-in fees...am I charging too much??
  107. Christmas Eve
  108. How much to charge as a deposit...
  109. What to charge for children with Special Needs
  110. What to charge for 3X a week care
  111. Part timers and ever changing schedules
  112. Letter from a mother... No safe !!!
  113. Payment in Advance
  114. Holidays
  115. How to handle parents when they sign and then don't want to start?
  116. Unpaid $$$ owing for child care
  117. Teacher families...
  118. How much to charge for 12hr day on Sat & Sun?
  119. Full time to part time
  120. Terminating Part-Time Family
  121. Drop-in fee
  122. Claiming Used Items
  123. Unexpected Interview Questions?
  124. How would you handle this?
  125. Creative solutions?
  126. Claiming training expenses?
  127. Insurance?
  128. Pick ups during naptime
  129. Question regarding mother scared of illness
  130. Pricing
  131. Contract template?
  132. Term notice template
  133. Days to charge for
  134. Xmas Holiday Pay?
  135. Small business financing
  136. Saving spots
  137. Part-timers and stats
  138. If you do your own taxes ...
  139. Clarification regarding ages of children in care.
  140. Caregiver Maternity Leave
  141. Am I too expensive for my area?
  142. Moving to another city - What to do?
  143. How much do you pay for home daycare insurance?
  144. Ad postings
  145. The best way to advertise???
  146. Holding a spot 12 months in advance
  147. Change Daycare Name
  148. Teachers - what do you offer them?
  149. Ontario Family Day
  150. Complaint about another family in my childcare centre....
  151. What to do...
  152. Interviews gone wrong
  153. How Guilty Do You Feel Taking A Sick Day?
  154. Payment
  155. What do you do for back-up?
  156. S/O closing for illness
  157. Proof of insurance
  158. How to handle deposit cheques!
  159. Sibling Discounts
  160. How much would you add if a new family reuqire you to...
  161. Question regarding subsidy.
  162. Interview Red Flags
  163. Record Keeping!
  164. Reasonable prices
  165. Tax time!
  166. Taxes and Security Deposits
  167. How Often Do You Raise Your Rates?
  168. Receipts; format/how often etc.
  169. How to terminate.... sigh...
  170. What to do when a payment bounces...
  171. Can I expense some of the cost for home improvements?
  172. How much...
  173. Hiring Staff - any BC family childcare owners out there?
  174. Before and after school PD days
  175. Turbo Tax Help!
  176. Full time or part time???
  177. Request to see the child at the first meeting
  178. Late in payment
  179. Tax Installments
  180. Sickness policy
  181. Does anyone have NON FEE DAYS???
  182. Opening a day home in New Brunswick?
  183. Gst
  184. Dilemma
  185. New At this, Looking for Advice
  186. Before and after school care or not?
  187. Advertising Spots
  188. Ha.... ha... HA. :) What do you think, though?
  189. Choices, choices...
  190. Help for BN or BIN ?
  191. Confused By tax calcualtions
  192. Follow Up Question, RE: Choices, choices
  193. Changing Hours
  194. Doing my Daycare Taxes for the first time
  195. Website?
  196. Announcing pregnancy to families...
  197. So Much to Think about...
  198. 10 days care
  199. Receipt for every cash payment?
  200. How do you let parents know you don't want to offer them a place?
  201. Contract Hours
  202. Last Minute Tax Questions
  203. Should I file tax return?
  204. Good News :)
  205. A hard situation, need advice
  206. Parents needing care ASAP
  207. Twins from the UK
  208. Opinions wanted: Private or Agency?
  209. Casual Care?
  210. Are they FT or PT :unsure:
  211. Another Tax Question!
  212. Should I get paid?
  213. What do you do during rest time?
  214. ECE courses
  215. Moving- Advice needed
  216. Stay or send home
  217. Moving a Licensed Daycare. Help Please
  218. Deposits and holding fees
  219. Rates
  220. Interview tomorrow!!!
  221. What to charge?
  222. Should I fill to my absolute max?
  223. Help w Email Wording, Please!
  224. Paying to hold a spot?
  225. Wohooo I have another family...
  226. Two questions: Sick leave and hours
  227. Personal coverage under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act
  228. What type of residence do you operate out of?
  229. Notice period for termination?
  230. Hiring an employee for a month or 2
  231. Wind speed and outdoor time ....
  232. What would you do?
  233. Which Child?
  234. How often do you take personal days?
  235. Would you ever lower your rates to accomodate a child and family you really liked?
  236. Accounting Question - Can you claim new appliances as expenses?
  237. Why did I do this....UGG!!
  238. Tax question - New Roof
  239. Locking the door when they're late
  240. When do you say enough is enough
  241. Interview Questions
  242. Infant fee verses toddler fee
  243. Ratios
  244. Help with wording of pets in the home
  245. Shift Work Client
  246. Daycare Name
  247. Sick :(
  248. Expanding...
  249. Decline a family for care
  250. Not Enough Notice??