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  1. Wonderful parents!
  2. Difficult parents
  3. Second hand smoke
  4. Turning away a parent
  5. Parents picking up children late?
  6. Communicating with parents about childs day
  7. Cutting out a child's naptime when they are not ready.
  8. Was under the immpression that I would have the child longer
  9. The snowball effect of 1 difficult family .... very long
  10. How do you feel about vaccinations?
  11. Make a list of what you want parents to know
  12. Interviews with parents
  13. Parents popping by
  14. Terrible situation
  15. Preparing a child for daycare?
  16. Full time to part time and back again.
  17. Diaper rash every Monday
  18. Curiosity - Parents go with another daycare
  19. New here! And need to hear some good stories :)
  20. Should I let this family go?
  21. Reassuring parents.
  22. Diarrhea - when to call the parent?
  23. Going badly and care hasn't even started!!
  24. Firing a daycare family today
  25. What would you do? (Re: negotiating hours and cost)
  26. Parents say how long child naps?
  27. Nursing Mamas
  28. Free Playdate?
  29. Parents tell me how many wipes to use?
  30. Extra days off parents want, and don't want to pay you for them.
  31. Parents that have a day off bringing kids to day home
  32. Reactions to pregnancy
  33. Information on Parents
  34. What does this phrase mean?
  35. I hate this! Parents putting daycare provider in bad spot
  36. Facebook and Parents
  37. Kleenex - do you ever ask parents to bring a box?
  38. Parents coming in at drop-off
  39. Stubborn, lazy, or normal?
  40. Anyone had to take a parent to small claims?
  41. Want to immediately terminate!
  42. Developing a friendship with parents
  43. When a parent doesn't pay on time!
  44. Need advice on how to handle a mother of a child in my daycare please!
  45. Tylenol as a toy to bring to day home
  46. Parents who take advantage
  47. Feel Like I am Walking On Egg Shells
  48. Looking for information on subsidy!!!
  49. SPINNY: Do Vaccinations Come Up?
  50. Inconsistent drop off times
  51. Am I in the right?
  52. Same mom...terminate? Or am I being harsh?
  53. "Are your prices negotiable?"
  54. Do you suggest potty training to parents?
  55. Parents making themselves at home
  56. Differeence between a vacation and a leave?
  57. DCK just pulled from my care :(
  58. I love this family!
  59. Halloween ~ boo?!
  60. Shows up in underwear!
  61. Here's a story for ya!!
  62. Baby Bonnet
  63. 38 years love the children "is there help for parents"
  64. How to say no to parents
  65. How long did you wait to announce your pregnancy to parents?
  66. Parent accusations
  67. Parents calling frequently to inquire about their child
  68. How to tell parents that you are expecting
  69. Daycare scammers
  70. Request to remove family photos...
  71. Need some advice on how to deal with a new client...
  72. Venting!!
  73. To renew or not to renew
  74. Run by parents
  75. Sadly, I think I must.... :(
  76. Payment for christmas week
  77. Unsettling temper outburts!!!
  78. Cheap Grocery for Daycare
  79. Feel like I'm just the doormat...
  80. Daycare parent opening up own daycare and hasnt told me
  81. Help Me with my NEW Sick Policy
  82. Nap time
  83. Renew or buh-bye!
  84. Parent calling to speak to the child
  85. Steer Clear of the Germaphobe Family??
  86. Missed Appointments parents excuses
  87. So Frustrating! Other Provider's false advertizing
  88. Bruises on children
  89. How would you handle this..?
  90. How to give a stronger hint??
  91. Can i terminate?
  92. Boogers, droolies, a-choo!!!
  93. Would you terminate
  94. Interview questions you haven't had
  95. (long) Vent: Loser of a mother!
  96. I'm not ready in the morning?
  97. Very disrespectful and tude 7 year old. Advice/opinions?
  98. One sibling very sick..other one still comes?
  99. No Show DCC
  100. HELP! What do I do? and how can I stay out of court??
  101. How do I terminate a family....
  102. Wanting to change contract - WWYD?
  103. HELP! Mom has unrealistic expectations?
  104. Would you do the same?
  105. Lord give me the strength to terminate
  106. Need help with finding my ‘backbone’ :mad:
  107. What a Difference a Year Makes!
  108. Parents upset about sick days.....opinions/advice?
  109. Car Safety
  110. Vent
  111. The Flopper . . .
  112. Oh my...PLEASE give me an unbiased opinion. Am I in the Wrong?
  113. Not a "Flopper" but "Angry Spice"
  114. The audacity of some folks!
  115. Referrals - love em or hate em?
  116. I might have been a little curt . . .
  117. Just a question that popped into my head
  118. Transition time - how much is too much?
  119. How do you end a phone call/interview that is not going well
  120. Contract revisions
  121. Approaching the end....
  122. Highlights Of My Day
  123. Influenza - Rant/Vent
  124. Has this ever happened to you?!?!
  125. Super pooper...
  126. Parents not listening
  127. Deposits?
  128. A letter from a parent
  129. Mom's Waffling About Leaving Us
  130. Awesome Parents
  131. Conflicting Beliefs/Opinions
  132. Events outside the dayhome
  133. "Please stop potty training"
  134. Terminating my first family
  135. Parents Asking for A Replacement Day for Having to Pay for Stat?
  136. When Client/Provider relationships go wrong . . . .
  137. Advice of how to have a difficult conversation
  138. When to call parent
  139. Stomach bug for 8 days???
  140. My letter to the parents
  141. Holding a space through Mat leave
  142. Terminating for the first time.......sad and also a bit relieved.
  143. Terminating for the first time.......sad and also a bit relieved. Part 2.......
  144. What would you do?
  145. Paying for a child's sick day
  146. Dealing with parents
  147. Wish there was a way!!!
  148. Why are they hiding....
  149. Pregnant daycare Mom
  150. Late Payment #2
  151. ADVICE? Parents Clearly Disrespectful
  152. Parent on "training" wanting childcare.
  153. Upset friend...now I am upset
  154. Dc kids's father called at nigh thier kids are not coming from tomorrow, because....
  155. Any one know cheap used toys in good conditio
  156. What do you feel are pros and cons
  157. Worth mentioning to parents or not?
  158. Feeling regrets for accepting a new part time client that just moved
  159. Early in the game to be pushy...no?
  160. UPDATE: considering throwing in the towl
  161. Keeping kids after hours
  162. Strange strange call today...
  163. I have given a family notice.... now this?
  164. Help with a tough letter to a mom
  165. Your input would be appreciated.
  166. I could seriously CRY here...
  167. My lesson of life I want to share and ask all of you beware
  168. Lesson of my life, I want to share and ask all of you beware
  169. Caring for family members children
  170. How to probe more in interview about...
  171. Turn around; all kinds of crazy!
  172. Update: Tough letter to mom
  173. Sometimes parents are awesome!
  174. Biting frenzy continues...
  175. Ridiculous Parents! VENT!!!
  176. Apparently, I have MUG written on my forehead!!
  177. I feel so lucky to have the parents I do.
  178. Awesome Family!!!
  179. How do you deal with Pick Up Time vs. Closing Time?
  180. Day Homes of Non-parents
  181. Late pick ups - The nerve of some people!
  182. Didn't know wether to laugh or cry
  183. Parents being rude to your kids
  184. Don't you hate it when...
  185. Am I Over Reacting?/ Vent
  186. I love when I find out parents said good things about me.
  187. Not a right fit.
  188. Part time care - What would you do?
  189. DCK's birthday parties
  190. What would make you
  191. Wow.... glad I decided not to take her kids!
  192. Feeling really confused....
  193. Really Trying Not To Take All The Rejection Personally...
  194. Parents Blaming Daughter
  195. Glad I didn't take her kids PART 2
  196. Will it never end with this woman? UGH!
  197. The family I SHOULD have terminated!
  198. How would you think/feel?
  199. Early drop off, but still within operating hours?
  200. Expectant Mom Finally makes up her mind!!!!!!
  201. Terminating
  202. Terminating the family that should have been terminated a long time ago!
  203. Ignoring a termination letter... what would you do?
  204. Want to terminate after DCM pulls DCG out for entire month without prior notice
  205. Pick up / drop offs
  206. From phone interview to in person interview
  207. Parent requesting refund - What should I do?
  208. Dropping off, with food in hand!!!!
  209. Ahh it's getting ugly....short payment
  210. Just spotted this ad on Kijiji... WTH?
  211. Grrr I'm so mad at myself...lesson learned! Plus, awkward situation.
  212. What is the strangest interview question?
  213. Ready to throw in the towel and quit and go back to work!!!
  214. Chronically late but....
  215. How would you respond?
  216. NEVER make exceptions!!!!!!
  217. What would you do if you didn't do daycare anymore?
  218. Red flags?
  219. I know what you all will say..I need it anyway. :)
  220. Beyond Rude ...No Shows Interviews
  221. "grace" at mealtimes
  222. Not an ugly parent story!
  223. Parents are dumb!! [Long]
  224. The "Babysitter"
  225. Sick, did I do the right thing?
  226. Interview MADNESS
  227. Contracted Hours
  228. Home day care
  229. Not sure what to do....
  230. Take on family members as daycare clients?
  231. It's Not the Kids that'll Drive You Bonkers - It's the Parents !
  232. Cancelled interviews!
  233. Phone interview?
  234. Gift Giving Appreciation
  235. Update...
  236. Interview during daycare hours?
  237. The Lingering Parent....getting annoyed
  238. Confronted...now parent cold:(
  239. Excuse me, I was talking!
  240. Trouble with a Mom
  241. Peering Neighbours
  242. Would This Bother You?
  243. Getting ready for a scolding...
  244. If a family needs to leave your care....
  245. What would you do?
  246. All in one day-Good Relationship gone bad
  247. My first delicate situation
  248. Oddball Parents
  249. Parents trying to pay less than they owe
  250. Can I vent here?