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  1. Putting away for taxes
  2. Home daycare out of rented apartment ??
  3. Pre-Planning for a home daycare(Need some Advice!!)
  4. Don't call this insurance company either
  5. So excited! First interview!
  6. Help with what i need to do to start!
  7. No kids, mat leave over...back to work I guess
  8. Does my college degree mater?
  9. Am I being crazy or would this idea even work?
  10. When your just starting out...how long does it take to fill up?
  11. Does anyone know how the ministry determines capacity?
  12. Home Daycare when your own children are older
  13. What part of your home do you use?
  14. Opening a daycare BUSINESS
  15. Posting our daycare rooms
  16. Still no daycare children ... not even a call or email?
  17. Daycare openings in Abbeydale
  18. Application for subsidy home daycare
  19. Advertising Home Daycare
  20. When will it pick up
  21. Best places to advertise your daycare?
  22. Website
  23. Is it worth it??
  24. Is there great demand for home daycare in Burlington right now?
  25. Cpr course
  26. Do you charge less for older kids
  27. Naps... Again..
  28. References
  29. Taxes?
  30. Stressed....
  31. My official open date!!!
  32. Country Living?!
  33. Starting a private Before and After School Care....
  34. Planning on opening a French only BA care service
  35. What to do with belongings when they leave?
  36. Question about ages of children
  37. Opening a daycare in Ottawa
  38. Looking into starting an at home daycare in Ontario
  39. Re: Evening and overnight care....
  40. Finding a location to start a daycare centre
  41. Maybe moving to Barrie, is there demand for home daycare for teachers in SW Barrie?
  42. To dye, or not to dye....
  43. Just Starting... Any suggestions?
  44. Moving from Alberta to BC
  45. Leamington ON
  46. Commercial Daycare in your Home
  47. Registration fee and Deposit
  48. Tips for interviewing
  49. Licensing my daycare
  50. Should I require a child's immunization record prior to admission?
  51. Difference between a licensed from a registered daycare?
  52. Do parents have to inform us if their child has hepatitis or hiv positive?
  53. Serving breakfast? And Baby Food?
  54. Commercial Property Tax???
  55. The Politics: What lies ahead?
  56. Question about In-Home Daycare in BC
  57. Determining the Demand in your Area
  58. Opening a private day home in Alberta
  59. Basement daycare space ?
  60. Which neighborhood is the best to open a day care in Greater Vancouver
  61. Oversupply of daycare in the lower mainland?
  62. Having Second Thoughts about daycare....
  63. Opening a home daycare in Saskatchewan
  64. Opening DayCare Spaces:)
  65. Burlington Ontario - Difficulty filling spots
  66. Opening Home Daycare - Question about licensing...
  67. Help!!
  68. I need your Help now and I ll help back when I can
  69. Where do I start!?
  70. Maternity leave
  71. Outdoor space
  72. Swimming Pool regulations
  73. Please sign Petition to Amend Bill 143 Child Care Modernization Act Ontario
  74. Need information on child care centers calgary
  75. Opening a new daycare in Ancaster
  76. New homecare in Kitchener.......
  77. How to use the forum
  78. Running a preschool in a dayhome setting
  79. Adult to child ratio in Alberta
  80. When should I start advertising for 'clients'
  81. Trying to open a home day care...i need help please
  82. Getting started checklist and agency vs. private
  83. Advice and tips needed on having an open house
  84. Police Check and CPR?
  85. Daycare and pets
  86. Question about financial aid
  87. Advice needed about pricing, simple or complex
  88. New daycare opening (financial aid)
  89. Risky question - what do you think about a male opening a home daycare?
  90. New provider - How to have references
  91. What ages do you except
  92. Daycare hours days and are you open for weekend?
  93. How big of a deal is distance?
  94. Listing well before opening
  95. Day home/preschool advice please!
  96. Opening a home daycare
  97. Wanting to open a day home but have alot of questions
  98. Opening in just a week and worried about wether I have everything!!
  99. Looking into opening home daycare in Toronto
  100. Advice please :)
  101. Survived my first day!
  102. Daycare--Starting in May.
  103. May have bitten off more then I can chew!! Any sugestions
  104. Daycare Centre Out of School Care
  105. Teenagers babysitters
  106. Buying a daycare
  107. Opening a daycare
  108. North Burlington Daycare (Headon Forest area)
  109. Private?? OR to join an Agency???
  110. Regulations on opening a day home in BC
  111. After School Tutoring In My Home
  112. Doing everything wrong?!?
  113. Opening up a dayhome! and I am not sure where to start
  114. Question about part time care
  115. Has anyone had success running daycare during the school year, closing for summer?
  116. Help pls
  117. Help pls
  118. Toys and furniture for sale
  119. Obtaining a license in a townhouse??
  120. Opening daycare should I start with unlicensed?
  121. Opening a new childcare center
  122. Pros/Cons of Private Home Day Care vs Licensed Care
  123. Advice appreciated regarding opening a dayhome in Alberta
  124. Looking into opening a day home for shift workers
  125. Doctors note to open up a accredited dayhome?
  126. New! Age consideration when taking in children?
  127. Rent space in a school for daycare
  128. Day care sale?
  129. To license or not to license?
  130. NEWBIE!!! Starting up home daycare in Kitchener Ontario and confused! pls help!
  131. Should I quit my job to do daycare again?
  132. Trouble finding clients
  133. Please tell me if my contract is okay..
  134. Opening a new daycare
  135. Starting a daycare while working
  136. Opening Private Daycare in Fort Ricmond area (Winnipeg)
  137. Anybody in New Brunswick??
  138. Receipts/taxes for private dayhomes - Alberta
  139. Daycare fees
  140. When my children are sick?
  141. Trying to get myself organized...
  142. Steps i need to take on opening an unlicensed daycare
  143. Is charging $50 per day too much for a licensed home daycare in Manitoba?
  144. Writing receipts and providing SIN to clients...
  145. Deposits upon registration
  146. Would like to open a Infant/Toddler Daycare center in New Brunswick.
  147. Movin ToToronto!!
  148. Pay Rate/Salaries
  149. Filling in after\before school spots
  150. Claiming a stroller question
  151. Keys to Success - Before/After School Care
  152. Private school aged daycare in Quebec?
  153. Private dayhome, business licence, taxes Calgary
  154. Opening a new day home/care like none other in evergreen
  155. White flowers home daycare
  156. Stop spending money!!
  157. Is part time with an agency worth it?
  158. Opening a in-home private daycare in Clarington, Ontario
  159. Steps I need to take to open an unlicensed private dayhome in Alberta
  160. Opening Up A Home Daycare :)
  161. New daycare, need help
  162. Start Up Questions
  163. Please help: private home daycare insurance
  164. Anyone provide just B&A care?
  165. Rates
  166. Bill 10
  167. Starting Before/After School daycare - what do I need to know?
  168. Picking a Name - Just starting out
  169. Seeking for guidance
  170. Opening a new day care, need help with creating all the policies and documents
  171. Afterhours classes to offer
  172. Part Time Children
  173. Opening a home daycare but confused about licensing
  174. Advertising (off of the site of course)
  175. Moving dayhome to a business location
  176. Central Etobicoke Centre Rates
  177. Can ECE's charge more?
  178. Rates with Child Care and Early Years Act - Ontario
  179. Back to Opening a Daycare
  180. Night Care?
  181. Insurance help needed - opening daycare in someone else's home
  182. Home Daycare with Multiple Providers
  183. $15.00 per day daycare?
  184. Before & After in Langley BC
  185. Starting up my daycare again
  186. Making a Day Home Website?
  187. When to advertise and how
  188. Need help with the contract please
  189. Do you require up-to-date immunization, and disclosure?
  190. Understanding New Law Ontario
  191. Quick question about Bill 10
  192. Thinking of Open a Day Home in Alberta
  193. No show
  194. Benefits of registering as a business
  195. Registering in ontario
  196. How to register in Ontario
  197. Opening daycare
  198. Opening a Part-time day care in Manitoba
  199. Before and after school in Ontario
  200. About before and after schools kids ratio
  201. How much will you charge for this?
  202. After school care rules
  203. Inspections - Ontario
  204. Privider for Licensed Agency?
  205. Liability Insurance - Winnipeg
  206. Low ratio daycare
  207. Insurance
  208. Hello
  209. Interviews
  210. Insurance Ryder vs Commercial
  211. Incorporating Daycare
  212. Registering daycare in ontario
  213. Unlicensed Daycare
  214. Unvaccinated child
  215. Opening a licensed preschool center in Mississauga!
  216. Could there be changes to the CCEYA?
  217. Home Daycare vs Licensed Daycare
  218. By-laws for opening homedays cares.
  219. Dayhome toy write offs
  220. Building approval requirements for new daycare license
  221. Paperwork
  222. Do you care for neighbours and friend's kids?
  223. Saving spots for possible clients
  224. Is part time and before and after school care the same
  225. How far apart to start new kids?
  226. City permit and BN?
  227. Looking to exchange info with other NON-ECE daycare owners
  228. I have aquestion about kids rate
  229. Kindergarten children
  230. Opening in NB
  231. Starting home day care
  232. Who to use as references when starting out?
  233. Need a home day care
  234. Daycare center owners
  235. Business license for an unlicensed home daycare
  236. Interview questions
  237. Babysitting vs Home Daycare
  238. Checking In--thinking of reopening
  239. Information on startup of a HDC
  240. Providing homecare for 1 child (plus my own 2 kiddies - ages 1 and 3)
  241. Licensing Inspections in BC
  242. Driving with HDC Kids
  243. Termination/Withdrawl Policy
  244. Immunizations
  245. Opening a private dayhome in Alberta (Calgary) requirements
  246. Insurance while Renting?
  247. Any INFJ/P (Meyers-Briggs) Personality Types here?
  248. Ratio Thoughts
  249. Transitioning...once again
  250. Before and after school