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  1. Best reason to open a daycare
  2. Looking for partner to open new daycare in Toronto
  3. Steps required to open my own daycare?
  4. Licensing question..
  5. Business plan?
  6. I'm new to daycare and need advice!
  7. Tips and advice about starting a home daycare
  8. Forms and Documentation
  9. What to charge?
  10. Daycare centre vs Home Care
  11. Day care in Toronto in rent
  12. Opening soon and excited! :)
  13. Interview went terrible :(
  14. Spot open and very few responses...
  15. Will be opening in Toronto, need input...
  16. Low advertised rates: ahhhhh...
  17. Odd days - What to charge ?
  18. Opening a centre in Toronto
  19. Too many daycare in the area... Having second thoughts on opening!
  20. Extra safety tips
  21. How to deal with working alone
  22. 24 hour dayhome
  23. Insurance Questions...
  24. Registering my daycare advice and tips
  25. Interview questions for infants?
  26. Private Dayhome regulations in alberta
  27. Can anyone help me start up?
  28. New daycare...having trouble filling spots.
  29. Opening daycare & have a lot of concerns/questions
  30. Registering your business
  31. Planning on opening a home daycare, help .. pleaseee?
  32. Would like some input on my website please!
  33. New here
  34. I've got my first day care child
  35. How to give references when you're a new provider?
  36. How to open a daycare in montreal?
  37. Weekend Daycare?
  38. Can anyone tell me how the income tax thing works for daycare.
  39. Wanting to provide daycare to one child in Whitby, ON
  40. Average Yearly Expenses for a daycare with 5 kids
  41. Decision to open a daycare...what scared you the most?
  42. S/O what made you choose to open a day home?
  43. Reliablle accountant in edmonton ab
  44. Setting up your home for a daycare
  45. Sunscreen?
  46. Manitoba
  47. How much do I charge?
  48. New provider still waiting for children
  49. Where do you advertise?
  50. Starting up - how much to charge
  51. Play area " too small"
  52. General Liability
  53. Can't find clients!!
  54. Day care salary
  55. Playground Ground Cover
  56. Before/After School Care
  57. Vacations and EI
  58. Running a Daycare Facility in your home...
  59. Need some advice on opening a Home Based Day Care
  60. Moncton Day homes?
  61. Looking to open a daycare. Home vs. Centre?
  62. Very first daycare centre
  63. Full day vs. before/after school program
  64. Daycare locations
  65. Buying a Daycare in Vancouver
  66. Starting to panic!
  67. New Home Daycare
  68. Here we go!
  69. What are the must haves?
  70. What am I doing WRONG!??
  71. Opening a daycare in Montreal
  72. Daycare Bear and facebook
  73. Tell me about your interview techniques
  74. For those that have worked outside of home and have been DCP
  75. Rates and vacation time
  76. Daycare Permit
  77. Organic Daycare
  78. How much income will I have?
  79. Looking for some advice
  80. Can I claim supplies bought from yard sales, kijiji, etc?
  81. Newbie here - Tax Questions!
  82. Need help on how to start a home day care.
  83. Shift-Work Client
  84. Revenue Canada
  85. First post!
  86. Having a difficult time finding clients
  87. What prompted you to leave the security of a paycheck to uncertain income?
  88. What do the children call you/your staff?
  89. Do you provide parent handbooks?
  90. Just starting out...having a hard time finding clients
  91. DC Website Information/Creation
  92. Infant/Toddler way of feeding (8+ children)
  93. Getting unwanted responses to my Craigslist Ad for my home childcare services
  94. Private or Agency?
  95. Opening non-for-profit daycare in GTA
  96. Home daycare while homeschooling?
  97. Can a home childcare provider have more than one agency represent them?
  98. Can a home childcare be liscensed without an agency
  99. Pros and Cons of opening a business account
  100. Opening a Daycare
  101. Spouse unsure about home daycare
  102. Any other providers from Elora ON?
  103. First Interview: What is the best way to interview the parents?
  104. Neighbour popped in for a tour & copy of contract!
  105. Day Care Available-Flowertown!
  106. Only providing Before and After school care - maximum kids - no license???
  107. Caring for children in other parents home....
  108. Looking for experiences and tips for opening a Before and After school home daycare !
  109. Agency: yes or no
  110. Leaving Agency
  111. Am I missing something, or is this normal?
  112. Starting a Day Home and looking to build the right foundation with new child
  113. How much to charge in Mississauga & any tips?
  114. Opening in Aug.. no responses yet?
  115. Reasonable Time-frame to hear back from parents?
  116. Just Starting Out
  117. How much do you put away for taxes at the end of the year?
  118. Daycare Systems?
  119. I'm a newbie :)
  120. Starting a private dayhome in Saskatchewan
  121. Just starting out
  122. How would you respond?
  123. First in person interview went well
  124. Have my first client!!! Hurray!!!
  125. I am new with a few questions!
  126. Second interview also chose me, hurray!
  127. They cancelled!- Deposit
  128. RELOCATING from BC to Alberta???!!!???
  129. Business cards???
  130. Tattoos- good or bad?
  131. Federal Government Layoffs etc. affecting daycares in Ottawa?
  132. First Interview
  133. Niagara Daycare Providers
  134. Signage
  135. Beyond thrilled! First 4 interviews = 4 signed families!
  136. Beginning in Moncton....soooooo many questions!!
  137. Deal Breakers
  138. HELP!! New to the daycare game :)
  139. Home Daycare By Melissa
  140. Before and After School care limits?
  141. Mat leave eligibility for a home daycare provider in Ontario
  142. Bizarre idea????
  143. OK I'm in trouble - Stup!d DH!!
  144. Is it usually worth it to hold spots?
  145. Opening day home in lacombe Alberta. Liscensed/unlicensed
  146. Private or liscensed in Alberta
  147. Newbie Here!! Please be kind!! :)
  148. Juggilng Part-timers!
  149. Newbie from Edmonton - Advice on Finding Toddlers
  150. Phone Interview at 2
  151. Research question
  152. Not so sure about this
  153. Sick days - own children
  154. Infants
  155. Charlene New Day Care!!
  156. Hi! first post and a question :)
  157. First post
  158. Opening a daycare in GTA's needy neighbourhood?
  159. How much to start??
  160. Deciding between what house to buy
  161. How to start a small Daycare which will later become a big one?
  162. Payday?
  163. Opening Private Day Home
  164. I am ready to open in October...Only one big problem
  165. Licensed preschool program
  166. Needing some information regarding opening an "unlisenced" home daycare/Ontario
  167. Sorry Guys One more question regarding write offs/claimed expenses
  168. Thinking of Opening a Private Day home
  169. Accepting subsidy children
  170. Transition from licenced dayhome to private
  171. Is this true?
  172. Another question about claims and deductions at income tax time for the home daycare
  173. Redone the playroom and living room can i claim the floors?
  174. DESPERATELY Seeking Clients!
  175. Guelph Providers
  176. Heartfelt thanks to the women on this forum!
  177. Tempted to Quit
  178. Going rate for before and after school care in Toronto?
  179. Contract
  180. Advice Needed!!! To Bump or not to Bump.....
  181. Alberta-Laws, regulations, logistics.
  182. I'm baaaaaack!!!!!
  183. New to the thread and opening new daycare in BC
  184. Ratios
  185. New clients?
  186. Opening a private day home
  187. Considering purchasing a daycare
  188. Having trouble finding kids??? B.C
  189. Registering in Ontario.... will I be inspected?
  190. Panicking..Can't find any cients
  191. Unlicensed Daycare and Swimming Pool??
  192. Newbie here! Question about siblings!
  193. MIght be moving.....many questions
  194. Anyone ever cared for child w. the understanding that they're here "just for now" ?
  195. Trying to open, we have an unfinished basement....
  196. Possibly opening in home child care
  197. Maybe Moving to Calgary, is there a demand for private home childcare?
  198. First Interview!!!.... a bit nervous
  199. Drop in care/back up
  200. Help going crazy
  201. Opinions on emergency situations....What's your Emergency plan??
  202. New Home Daycare and I messed up. Please Advise
  203. New Daycare! What to say on phone? NEED HELP ASAP!
  204. Telling potential clients that I am caring for no children right now
  205. What is the Deposit all about?
  206. Do you think this is reasonable?
  207. Emergent curriculum
  208. Insurance
  209. Do I have to have insurance?
  210. Rates?
  211. Discounted rates for siblings?
  212. Referrals please....
  213. There's Mostely likely a Daycare Facility . . . .
  214. Stressing Out
  215. Feeling Discouraged!
  216. Has anyone ran a summer camp?
  217. Daycare for Teachers
  218. Clueless Daycare Newbie!
  219. Do you follow up after an interview?
  220. Alberta provider needs some suport!
  221. Daycare climate in Barrie ON
  222. Phone interview
  223. Starting Out Next Week
  224. Ages of DC Kids
  225. Wanting to take over an established daycare centre
  226. Vancouver Trouble finding a location for new daycare
  227. Insurance
  228. Mothercraft?
  229. Working full time but looking to switch to opening in home daycare. Need advice :)
  230. Taxes????
  231. How to get kids into your daycare??
  232. Help! Thinking of opening up a daycare
  233. Help with home daycare
  234. What do I need to know?
  235. Walking kids to school
  236. Contracts?
  237. Can I see a sample contract and handbook?
  238. Starting up Before and After School Care - Etobicoke
  239. Home Insurance
  240. Help! I can't get any kids!
  241. Question about market for teachers
  242. Don't you wish...
  243. First steps to opening a daycare
  244. What sets you apart?
  245. What sources have you gotten your clients from?
  246. Hello, i new at home childcare.....
  247. Teachers only kids
  248. Before the interview questions
  249. Law Regarding buying Canadian over US
  250. Home set-up