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  1. One of my little munchkins will be leaving my daycare soon
  2. Missing co-workers
  3. New Kid
  4. What is your group like?
  5. Cute or funny children words / stories
  6. What do YOU do during quiet time?
  7. Working in restroom breaks...
  8. Filled my spot!
  9. Tgif
  10. After a kid leaves
  11. Burnout: do you ever suffer from it?
  12. Seeing as we have another tornado warning - Severe weather.
  13. Power outage!
  14. YES !!! I am freeeeeee
  15. Having one of those days
  16. Has anyone else...(calls for care)
  17. Hurray - New Kid!
  18. Trouble picking new daycare kid
  19. Daycare Kid Leaving in Tears...
  20. Any Toronto Providers?
  21. Almost on holidays!
  22. Well... there goes a family :(
  23. 11 hour day!
  24. Your clothes
  25. When you are having 'one of those days'
  26. The Reputation of a Home Daycare Provider
  27. Aaaand they're back...lol :)
  28. Socks ?? What is your take?
  29. Advice needed - Do I "rat out" a fellow care provider?
  30. Today is a great day
  31. In the spirit of positivity- what is the best part of being a daycare provider?
  32. A little laugh for your Friday!!
  33. Anyone else having a hard time filling spots?
  34. How Long In The Daycare Business?
  35. Amazing new product!
  36. Tick tock....
  37. Talk to me about ROOKIE MISTAKES :)
  38. Time for lunch!!!!
  39. Feel really bad!
  40. Great news!!!
  41. Anyone else get?
  42. I'm out of ideas and looking for some new ones
  43. Gah! unpredictable hours
  44. Officially opened!
  45. What Grocery Store do you shop at?
  46. ....Creepy Phonecalls from a man posing as a Father.....
  47. Needing to vent about selfish daycare parents.
  48. Having a hard time filling my spot!
  49. What do you do if you need to run an errand?
  50. What to charge???
  51. Potty Training 18 month old
  52. Ratios, fees, what's your thoughts ? ministry changes
  53. New munchkin joining us...
  54. Roller coaster week if I ever had one...
  55. Anyone Ever Been Talked Out of Terminating a Family?
  56. Do I terminate right away?
  57. New to Forum
  58. Have you ever cared for a child you just plain out don't like?
  59. Parents Magazine October Issue
  60. Transition to Mats
  61. New to the forum!
  62. Part time or Full time
  63. 22 month old best sleeper now not napping?
  64. Books - which ones are you tired of and which ones do you love?
  65. Parent wanting me to release a child to someone they don't know?
  66. Hiring an assistant
  67. Kids crying at arrival
  68. Damaged furniture expenses
  69. Interviewing again!
  70. Doing Dk's laundry?
  71. Can you "turn it off"?
  72. Solutions for a pregnancy?
  73. Have kids changed or is it just me?
  74. Christmas Presents
  75. Snack for preschool
  76. Bad behavior in kids
  77. Christmas Party for parents
  78. Need a bit of advice....
  79. Am I in the wrong
  80. Frustrated!
  81. Would you ever contact another provider for information?
  82. Tidy up time!!
  83. Working 7 days a week ? Exhausted
  84. Bad day!
  85. Sickness policy with siblings
  86. How do I approach this?
  87. Any suggestions????
  88. Transitioning :(
  89. Vacation days
  90. What have you learned?
  91. How to tell the parents???
  92. Winter Indoor Games
  93. Getting new children
  94. Rejection after interviews
  95. Should I take them all on? WWYD?
  96. Feedback on my daily routine, please
  97. Today is the Day!!!! :)
  98. Just gave notice to a family but feel so awful for the little one!
  99. I hope this works for DCK's sake!
  100. One of those days - Make me laugh! Please!! lol
  101. Is it just me?
  102. 4-9 year old craft ideas for a 1950's theme B-day party!
  103. Non-"Daycare" - re:Potty Training
  104. Ad response bizzar.
  105. It's a conspiracy - one of those days
  106. YIKES! Gastro virus spreading thru my daycare
  107. Deposits and tax info
  108. Any Interest in Home Made Worksheets/Pages
  109. Time limit???
  110. Sometimes I just wanna scream or better - cause pain!
  111. "Not just needing care" from a Parent Interview UGH!!!
  112. I want to spit nails!
  113. Finger foods
  114. Suspect Parents are Lying
  115. Good News Post for All to Share
  116. Personal adjustment to working at home
  117. How long can a kid's nose run with thick mucus...1 month?!
  118. Daycare organization
  119. Life Goals of a DCP
  120. Relocating this weekend...
  121. Whats a fare price to pay?
  122. After School Fee
  123. My assistant dropped the ball
  124. Are both days stat days?
  125. I'm back, baby!!! :)
  126. Full Moon or just Crazy???
  127. Nap schedules
  128. New at the house
  129. Disgusting!!!!!!!!!
  130. When parents are bullies!
  131. Potential Family asks Current Family to fill out referral questionnaire????
  132. Filled a spot!! <<happy dance>>
  133. Happy Friday!
  134. Serenity now!
  135. Want to do a dck photo CD, song suggestions?
  136. Yey! The Day is Over!
  137. Advice for overweight toddler
  138. S/O: Do you "cut off"?
  139. Transition Info
  140. My bad eater
  141. Sudden crying at drop off
  142. Suggestions for parents new to day care??
  143. Nap time!!!
  144. No heads up at all! :(
  145. Siblings....
  146. When you find yourself starting not to like someone's child.....
  147. My New Town Not So Fruitful?
  148. Summer only care???
  149. Being a little tease :P
  150. How often do you get sick?
  151. Some parents boggle my mind
  152. Ever Dream of working a different job?
  153. What do you consider being the hardest part of your job?
  154. Water Safety
  155. What do you do for goodbyes?
  156. Kid leaving. feeling bummed
  157. Hand foot and mouth Virus
  158. Wish me luck!
  159. Getting bites!!
  160. Share your "Requests" stories
  161. What do YOU wear?
  162. Bring in the girls.....lol
  163. How long do you let a child cry it out for?
  164. Help my 4 year old refuses to write her name?
  165. Should I have just given a discount?
  166. When It Rains - it pours
  167. I could just sit down and cry.
  168. Happy summer!
  169. Preschool Palace Curriculum
  170. Lunches
  171. Seriously, how do you relax?!
  172. Interviews
  173. When do you eat?!?!
  174. I'm so tired!
  175. Sympathy Cries???
  176. YOUR sleep habits
  177. Wish I could keep her !
  178. Child is FILTHY!!!
  179. My 4 yo dd is having trouble adjusting
  180. What can or do parents do to establish and maintain a good relationship with you?
  181. Happy Monday! Little story....
  182. Keeping Toys together
  183. Stress!
  184. Messes and cleanliness
  185. Do YOUR kids fight when the daycare is open?? HELP!!
  186. Complaint: SO SICK!
  187. Tired, sore feet treatments
  188. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!! !!!!!!!!!
  189. Having the wost day ever. Don't know if this is something I can continue.
  190. Schedule
  191. Your children getting attached
  192. Happy weekend everyone!
  193. Tomorrow's August :D
  194. Great moment today and then....
  195. I can't wait until......
  196. Craft ideas for small toddlers
  197. Oh boy, today was enough to make anyone want to throw in the towel...
  198. My Website
  199. Hello everyone !
  200. OMG I did it!! Knots in my stomach!
  201. Social site
  202. One of those days.
  203. How does a "new parent" know more than me?
  204. Sending out a "HAVE A GREAT DAY" wish for everyone today!
  205. Is it just me?
  206. Wow. Good luck finding care that cheap.
  207. Really LOUD parents!!!!!!
  208. Am I just a "mean" provider?
  209. BE CAREFUL With your back !!
  210. Slow time of year?
  211. Daycare parent always late with payment??
  212. Finally settled
  213. Choosing based on Gender...
  214. Child of a daycare provider...lol
  215. In a Slump!
  216. It's here....
  217. Does anyone watch children with seizure?
  218. Saw a DCProvider Smoking
  219. I'm burning out.
  220. FYI Warning re: coyotes!!
  221. Hello nap time
  222. Things kids say...
  223. Lunch time, nap time....provider woes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  224. Is this typical practice?
  225. Really? Wow.
  226. Ugh! Complete gong show! :(
  227. Just starting out
  228. Burning out already? - Vent
  229. Won't let me change his diaper
  230. Crying during nap... how long do you let it go on.
  231. New Kid... won't play
  232. The gym
  233. Need some input!!!!
  234. It's the most wonderful time of the day!!!
  235. Ready to give up....
  236. Puppy at daycare
  237. What to do - my child got hurt
  238. Naptime Help!
  239. In the topic of Great Parents!!!!!!
  240. He slept!!!
  241. How old were your kids when you started home daycare
  242. Oh My!! Can I just get a load of laundry in?
  243. Another post about the nap situation
  244. Milk... supply it or have them bring it in?
  245. Meal Time Line
  246. Why do I even turn the monitor on
  247. $1000 to spend on your daycare -- wwyd?
  248. Worried!
  249. Really struggling - vent
  250. Computer time