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  1. Your best experience with a childcare provider!
  2. Bad experiences with day care providers
  3. Provider does not want to give me my receipts
  4. Provider feedback about your child
  5. Best time to call
  6. Report a Daycare Home?
  7. Nanny cams
  8. Can you ask a provider not to wear perfume?
  9. Daycare charges 7am to 6:30
  10. Summer break
  11. How do you go about holding spots??
  12. 14 MO w/ hypersensitive Milk and Soy allergy
  13. What do you look for in an ad?
  14. Doing daycare in an oversized apartment
  15. I am not sure what to think. Sorry for the long post, but please help.
  16. Charging HST
  17. Getaways for parents and children
  18. Jellybean Park Daycare in Buranby
  19. Are we supose to dislike some kids?
  20. In home daycare needed in Mississauga near Square one area.
  21. Suggestions for a good daycare in Oak Ridges, Richmond Hill
  22. Your experiences with unlicensed home daycare providers?
  23. Did my daycare drunk dial me?
  24. Looking for a babysitter in my home during the evenings
  25. Daycare in vaughan, ontario
  26. Looking for mothers and fathers who are concerned about a home daycare provider....
  27. What do other daycares think of this situation?
  28. Before/afterschool ideas
  29. I do babysitting in my Home,but I am not a license.
  30. Taking advantage of me?
  31. When daycare is not , evening babysitters
  32. Unwelcome guests...
  33. How should I handle this situation???
  34. Please don't judge my daycare by the state of my house
  35. My 11 month old baby was terminated from childcare for crying for the first week
  36. Need some advice
  37. Prolly gonna get an ear full, but that's alright I guess
  38. Raising daycare rates?
  39. I am very hurt by my weekend sitter. Long Sorry
  40. Recreational Weekend Care
  41. Paying for days I'm apparently not allowed to use?
  42. 6 passenger stroller
  43. Need Opinions on How Daycare is handling child violence.
  44. I no longer want past daycare provider to use my children's photos...
  45. Provider over ratio - what are the consequences?
  46. Paying for absent child and provider cancels contract and keeps money???
  47. Time for First Termination?
  48. Advice on compensation and interviewing for care in my home
  49. Question regarding termination of daycare contract
  50. Daycare and who can pick up son
  51. A question for parents when you're choosing a home daycare.....
  52. Termination by Provider - am I still required to pay?
  53. Anyone take legal action on daycare?
  54. We may be terminated by the end of our second day...
  55. Need dcp opinions - hammock in daycare
  56. Is it too early to find new day care provider?
  57. Try to figure out if I'm the "difficult" mom
  58. What would you like your daycare to provide that isn't being provided?
  59. Petty complaints...
  60. Is this normal for a private dayhome?
  61. Provider backing out on agreement and changing her hours
  62. Quality daycare services doesn't harm parents
  63. Vacation at beginning of the contract
  64. New to this site !!! Have openings for home daycare,,est 2000
  65. Home Daycare in Malton Mississauga
  66. Babysitters/mother's helpers
  67. What course to take
  68. Daughter is the oldest (by alot!) at daycare
  69. Anonymous post for a user regarding her daycare provider.
  70. Do daycare parents ignore what providers do for their kids?
  71. Daycare is steeling money from me
  72. Back Up Care Requested by Parents
  73. Inquiry on what to charge?
  74. Feeling bad about a daycare letter.
  75. HI, questions from the new girl.
  76. Oakville part time/occasional care options
  77. Question for parents about drop-off service
  78. Shocked-Social Services
  79. Question Regarding Paid vacations
  80. Thankful to great DCP's
  81. Paid stat days and sick days?
  82. HELP!!! Immediate Termination of Dayhome Contract
  83. Reasonable notice to give dayhome
  84. Childrens Montessori Daycare Garrard and Rossland in Whitby Experiences
  85. Pricing with no receipt
  86. Illigal daycare
  87. Back to work..home daycare questions...
  88. Teacher friendly daycares
  89. Gift for excellent provider
  90. Advice regarding paid vacation
  91. Pulled our kid out a week early, are we being unreasonable
  92. "Pet-free" daycare now getting a pet
  93. Dilemna with trying to change daycares
  94. Tiny Sprouts Montessori - Kitchener, ON
  95. Advice for someone who just left a troubled dayhome
  96. Hamilton, On - Daycare Kirkendall
  97. Interesting Daycare provider interaction
  98. Ontario Parents - NOT SPAM!!!!
  99. How much to charge for home day care
  100. Dear Parents.
  101. Daycares posting pictures of kids on their public Facebook page?
  102. Daycare for Kids with Autism
  103. Should I Stay or Should I Go???
  104. Winter outdoor policy.
  105. Day home hours sudden change
  106. Provider refusing to issue a tax receipt without my SIN #
  107. Care Provider Issues
  108. 2 months notice for withdrawal of kids from daycare?
  109. Use of technology in childcare
  110. Le joli perroquet
  111. Where to report a dayhome
  112. Question about terminating childcare due to fear
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  178. Daycare deposit
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