View Full Version : Petition to increase the maximum number of children in care for LNR & RLNR

11-27-2020, 12:08 PM
Hi everyone,

I am a childcare provider with over 14+ years of experience.
I am a very caring, enthusiastic, responsable, dependable, loving mother of one and aunt to 6 adorable children. I have been blessed to be around children for most part of my life. Being a single mother, being able to work from home gives me the ability to work doing something I love, provide for my daughter and gives me the flexibility to drop her off and pick her up from school. Being able to do this as a living has been a blessing since it allows me to be there for my child since her father is unreliable and inconsistent.

My main focus is to always provide Quality Childcare, create a clean, safe, loving, welcoming, accepting environment for children in my care.

I have taken all the required trainings and have all my documents up to date, I have provided care in my home as a LNR & RLNR.

Living in Vancouver it is very difficult to live of 1 income, it has become more expensive and in order to provide affordable childcare I think it would be helpful if the maximum number of children increased slightly for LNR & RLNR

I believe that everyone in here is providing quality care and loves what they do and perhaps feels the same way.

Is there a reason why LNR & RLNR are allowed the same number of children(2) even though you are required to invest more and go through an interview process, home, inspections, etc.
while License daycares are allowed (7)

I was wondering if anyone has thought the same thing and would be interested in perhaps creating a petition to increase the maximum number of children allowed in care.

My petition suggestion is to increase the number of children in care for LNR to 3 children maximum
RLNR to 4 children maximum

Licensed can stay the same.

I feel that this would be a huge help for Childcare providers everywhere.

I'm interested in your thoughts and if anyone else is also interested in being part of a petition to increase the maximum number of children allowed please let me know.