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02-09-2012, 08:29 AM
This is why I do the job: these little random moments that have me giggling.

- When a 3 yr old falls and 15 month old goes and tries to pick them up off the ground
- when my 18 month olds scream at each other at the top of their lungs and then proceed to laugh until I think they might puke
- when all my DCK learned that spinning in circles makes you feel funny
- when some gets hurt and another kid says "well, there`s no blood, so that means your ok" or when there is blood asks "do we need to cut it off?"

What are today's highlight?

02-09-2012, 10:32 AM
Not from today's highlight but I used to look after a 5 years old. I picked him up from his school and it started to rain on the way home withing a minute it stopped. And I said "oh it stopped" he said in a very casual voice "because they run out of water" :) It made me laugh all the way home. And he asked me why I was laughing and I told him "nothing just" and then he started laughing at me saying "hahhaha this is funny" :) He was a very sweet boy.

Oh there are lots actually. I don't think I can finish any work today if I start writing them on here.:) Kids are blessings from god and I have never ever enjoyed in any job than taking care of them. Yes, there has been times when I said to myself "enough is enough" especially lately:) but I do enjoy and am happy when they are around me.:)

02-09-2012, 11:16 AM
HAHAHAHA That's awesome. I can't stop giggling

02-09-2012, 05:40 PM
Ah, cute! You're right though, these are the things that make your day.

Here's my favourite ever so far: Little boy and little girl were toilet training and the boy was standing and peeing and I told him he always had to make room for the girl because she had to sit on the little potty. He looked at me and said 'I know. Because boys have weiners and girls have petunias.'

02-09-2012, 10:17 PM
Here is another one. This kid is one of my favourite kid. I cried my eyes out when I had to leave him :( Anyway, I was in the kitchen preparing lunch or was doing something. I called his name "J......" no answer. I know he is in the next room playing with his toys. I called him again "j......." again no answer. I called again "J...... I know you are in the room just answer me I need to tell you something" again no answer. I was just calling him so I can keep an eye on him. As when he goes quite means he is up to something :laugh:

Anyway, I quietly went to the hall way where I can see him. And turned my head back to the kitchen(I pretended as I was still in the kitchen :) ) and called him again "J.......... " and I heard him quietly said "yes(with lisp)" God, I was on the floor laughing out loud and he looked at me surprised. He was very cute. :)

I miss him very much :( I looked after him since he was 8 months old and left when he was 4 years old. He will be 5 in April. I don't know why I'm saying this but anyway.

02-10-2012, 06:49 AM
Yesterday my 22 month old dcg asked my daughter (19 months) to bite her foot...she actually put her foot to my daughter's mouth and asked 2-3 times and my daughter was very happily about to oblige if i hadn't put a stop to it :laugh:

02-10-2012, 07:59 AM
I have an almost 4 year old dcb who came in on Monday ( after attending church for the first time on Sunday) saying that he was going to be a minister when he grew up. When I asked why he said because he wanted a plate full of money to buy toys!!!!! I love how kids think about money. Same boy found a penny on the sidewalk and said " now I have a money so I can get ice-cream" to his mom!

02-10-2012, 11:57 AM
Oh Emily, you just reminded me of something my son said when he was small. He told me he wants to be a bus driver because he thought they were really rich because they get to keep all the money people put into the money collector on the bus.

02-10-2012, 12:02 PM
I think when a child gets hurt and another child gives them a hug and kisses the 'ouchie' is adorable.

Having kids hug each other spontaneously or come and hug you spontaneously and say they love you

When a child masters a task/skill and you clap and cheer for them and their eyes light up with pride and self worth

02-10-2012, 12:57 PM
My kids clap for me when they think I've accomplished something grand. It's hilarious. My eyes still light up with pride and self-worth too.