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03-06-2012, 10:00 AM
I have a little boy who has just strted potty training and doing AMAZING at home. Hasn't had an accident yet. This morning was his first day in undies at my house. He had an accident within the first hour and a half.

I know that there is much more going on her, lots of friends and activities, so its harder to stop what you're doing to go . . . . but this is not my problem

Over the last few hours i've put him on my toilet a few times, but he won't go (and I KNOW there is pee in him). He does NOT like being on my toilet and says he doesn't want to go here.

I've sent someone out to get a training potty for me thinking maybe he might be more comfortable on it since he uses that at home

Any other suggestions?

03-06-2012, 10:22 AM
Thanks for posting this as it makes me feel better that I am not alone! I have a little boy in my care who is also doing great at home...has been for months now, but he will NOT go on my toilet or potty...we've tried bringing his own potty from home...still no...it got to the point where he would cry and freak out if I tried to put him there and for a couple of days he was holding it! We backed off completely after that and kept him in pull-ups here and he is in underwear at home. Now his mom has started using Smarties...something I am normally not keen on, but I told her I would give it a shot as long as she supplied enough for all the kids old enough to understand. He had his first day trying this way yesterday and he actually tried 5-6 times with no anxiety, crying, resistance! He still hasn't peed, but I am hoping that will come...he is still wearing pull-ups until he starts actually using my toilet. I think some kids just have a lot of anxiety about pottying with someone other than their parents. It makes me feel like a failure though, so I know how you feel!

03-06-2012, 11:20 AM
I had a girl who was potty training since the last 6 months -off and on

She started off going potty here but then went to the same stage where she didn't like going here anymore. She would sit on my toilet but wouldn't go and would pee in her pullup. I would ask her why she wasn't going pee and she would answer "I only want to pee at mommy's house."

It passed though. She was pretty stuck in pullups and in that mindset for a couple of months and it got to the point where it just became natural for her to be in pullups and for me to change them everytime. About 2 months ago I started to think enough was enough and I talked to the mom about maybe switching back to trying again and this time no issue.

She did have a harder time remembering to tell me she had to pee because there were more friends and toys around and she did not want to leave and go pee and then miss the game or lose out on a coveted toy and have someone take it but she made great strides in a few weeks and is now pretty much 99% dry at my house and wearing undies during our waking ours.

I think it is nothing to really worry about. It is natural. Maybe he doesn't feel as comfortable at your house or pooing in front of others. There is a phenomenon of potty strangeness that I have read about whereas our bodies get too tense to poop in strange places. Like when you go on vacay somewhere and don't have a BM for a few days because somehow your own body doesn't feel comfortable or relaxed enough to do it on a strange toilet.

I am sure it will pass :)

I am not sure that you should buy a potty. They are messy to use and harder to sanitize and eventually he will have to get used to the big potty. Personally, I would hold on to my money and just wait for him to be more ready to try at your house and just keep putting him on so he gets comfortable and used to it

03-06-2012, 11:37 AM
That is a very common issue. I try to explain it to parents with the idea that at home when a child says they have to pee that the parent drops everything and rushes to spend one on one time with them in the bathroom - some sing, read stories, just chit chat whatever. But at daycare if the child says they have to pee - yes they get taken to the bathroom right away but I can not stand there and entertain them I have other kids to tend to. When they say they have to pee it means being separated from their friends, the toys, what was going on etc. Not exactly the same incentive for sure.

I do pullups here and we just treat it matter of factly. We all try potty at various intervals - between events and if they go great and if not well I make a mental note to take that child at the next earliest convenience sort of thing for a second try. No rewards and no potty dances just this is part of growing up and what I now expect from you.

03-06-2012, 12:34 PM
Thanks everyone. I know he'll get over it. It just sucks

I bought the potty. He likes it better and is willing to try

I'm definitely going to keep up the rewards and potty dances though as I love to see the smiles and 'big man walk' that ensues after he tries.

03-06-2012, 08:15 PM
So . . . . Hopefully when the little boy comes back next week he is more receptive to the toilet.

However, guess who decides she wants to pee in the new potty tonight! MY 20 month old! SWEEEEEEEEET!

03-06-2012, 08:46 PM
It may take him some time to get used to your potty or toliet, but keep trying. When my daughter was first potty trained she absolutely refused to go to the bathroom any where but at home. If we were out some where she would tell me she had to pee but once I got her to the public washroom and on the toliet she told me she didn't have to go any more. Once we got home, I immediately put her on the potty and she would go. Poor thing would pee a little in her pants from holding it for so long. That lasted a few months, but now she will pretty much go any where.

03-06-2012, 08:51 PM
However, guess who decides she decides to pee in the new potty tonight! MY 20 month old! SWEEEEEEEEET!

It's great isn't it?? :)
Good luck with the new adventure ahead of you.....

03-07-2012, 02:43 AM
Well, that's a nice little bonus!! At least someone's peeing at your house, lol... :)

03-07-2012, 07:25 AM
Well, that's a nice little bonus!! At least someone's peeing at your house, lol... :)

Agreed fully. I got a trainer potty and SOMEONE is gonna damn well USE IT!