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04-14-2012, 07:01 AM
I am registring my business name and there asking this question has anybody took it ??

Do you want personal coverage under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act

Inspired by Reggio
04-14-2012, 09:08 AM

click NO to everything but the registration of your business name - we are EXEMPT from everything else in this industry including GST / HST collection!

And while you can 'opt in' if desired to many of those services you seriously do not want WSIB .... the premiums are extremely high for our industry even if you had employees it would be cheaper to get 'extended benefits' through a private insurance company that include short term and long term disability for them than get involved with WSIB .... they are the biggest SCAM out there claiming to protect workers but they are a business like any other and out for making PROFIT for those who work at the top of it :(

Seriously - there is a reason why childcare centres do not have WISB cause it would cripple them financially .... for every $100 of 'payroll' the WSIB premium if something like $6 and something for our industry - if I remember correctly it is HIGHER than NURSING premiums like double.... and once your 'business' has a claim your personal premium goes UP higher than the 'industry' norm and so forth just like any insurance!

Plus the 'requirements' for WISB and so forth are anal ... for example you have to wear eye goggles, industrial rubber gloves and an plastic splash apron just to prepare to WASH TOYS because there is bleach that needs to be put in the water ... same for if you are washing whites and using bleach, cleaning a toilet and so forth ... yup cause we have TIME for that in our industry :yes:

So if your gross income was $40,000 a year you would be paying over $2400 a year in premiums for something you would likely NEVER use because WSIB is a 'deny deny deny' industry .... seriously it took me over a year of being off work and uppaid to get my claim approved when I herniated my disc approved despite overwhelming medical evidence they tried to say it was just 'age' and deny the claim as a 'workplace injury ... I was under 30 at time and had an MRI that showed clearly a herniated disc and even though the eventually covered me the stress of having been treated like that for a year was not worth the aggrevation .... because i also had short term and long term disability access but THEY would not cover me because they felt it was a WISB claim and so forth ... seriously best to just have the 'extended health care' cause WSIB is EVIL :mad:

Put that premium in the bank if you desire or into an RRSP or something so if you never 'need' back up income due to an injury in the work place you have SAVINGS for your retirement!