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05-04-2011, 06:58 PM
Question for the providers:

My daughter is 8mos old and breastfeeding. (of course she eats solids as well!) She has a fairly predictable nap time a.m & p.m. The thing is, she feeds and then sorta falls asleep at the breast then I pop her in her crib.

I was reading a thread about prepping babes for daycare and a provider was saying that we should practice putting them in a crib in another room, awake. I dread this. She will sleep in a crib, but not often. At this age, I'm not sure she'll easily fall asleep by herself, although I understand it is an important milestone.

So...the question is, any tips on getting her to sleep while still awake? Do I just try to suck up the crying??

Thanks in advance.

05-04-2011, 06:59 PM
OOPS - I meant she will sleep in a Playpen, but not often.

05-04-2011, 07:17 PM
It's so hard, isn't it??

I am also a breastfeeding mama (nursed all 4 of mine, still nursing one, nursed two at once and through pregnancies too). I am also 'attachment parenting' about most things. I find that I particularly enjoy Dr Marc Weissbluth's information on sleep. He is an experienced pediatrician out of Chicago's Children's Hospital and has run the pediatric sleep clinic there for the past 30 years. Google him and he might revolutionize how you think about infant sleep.

It's hard to transition from nursing to sleep, to self-soothing. And, of course a baby is going to cry! They know that the better end of the deal for them is to be rocked in mama's arms, right next to the life-giving breast. LOL. They know this and they will make it clear that they are not pleased with the poor substitute of a crib and blanket. :)

I tried not to CIO with my oldest and it was a looooooooooong year of no sleep for anyone until I finally buckled down and did a modified CIO (Cry It Out). Now, from the age of about 4 months onward, I try to stick to a bedtime routine. I watch for sleep signs so that I can get baby into bed in good time (most parents wait too long to put to bed...by the time the child is upset, frustrated or acting out, you've missed the window). I let baby fuss but not scream. I don't mind a bit of crying...baby is angry not to sleep next to the breast...but you know your baby. You know if he's upset/angry vs sick/hurt. With each of my children it only took a few short days before they were going to bed quietly and happily, and napping 3hours (instead of 20 minutes) and sleeping 12 hour stretches at night. (of course, all my babies are in good health, gaining weight appropriately, ect., all things that should be in place before trying to sleep train)

Only you will know what's right...but I do agree with you that teaching her to self soothe at home, under your watchful eye, is preferable to having a DCP do it.