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01-17-2013, 05:16 PM
Hi everyone

So I was wondering if anyone else did emergent curriculum? How did you start it when you are first starting out? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

04-22-2013, 10:25 PM
well i'm not sure what you mean by start but its fairly easy. to find your base interest, PLAY. Lots! observe ask questions. After a few days, you'll see what they're interested in. It could be gross motor, fine-motor, dramatic play, anything really but make sure while your on it they can learn lots of different aspects. I do mine through a bubble graph. Say the middle is "Travel" then it branches off into gross motor (where it will branch off to activities such as walking, any gross motor that teaches travel) then fine motor, then science, dramatic play (airport maybe, or groery store), ect. Document as you go because its harder to prove what is learned and also its a reference point for you to go back on to see what you've taught because it can get lost or you can forget certain things you wouldve like to teach.

get it? lol

04-23-2013, 10:10 AM
Mostly emergent curriculum is about taking your cues from the kids instead of imposing topics on them so instead of you planning to do a theme of dinosaurs the first week of May you might set out some dinosaurs and if the children show interest then add a dinosaur story or game to circletime and if they don't play with them for two weeks put most of them away - always leave at least one out so they have the option of making dinosaurs a topic of interest. Then bring out the rest of them if child shows interest.

It is also about not staying rigid so if you start on Monday with a theme of dinosaurs but what seems to interest the kids is the volcanoes in the background scene then you shelve your dinosaur lessons and pull out info on volcanoes and how they are formed and find some online videos about an erupting volcano. Eventually they may come back to the dinosaurs but if not that is ok.

No matter what the theme is we are using with young children it is more about what they are learning while doing the theme than the actual theme itself. It isn't important at this stage that your children can name 5 dinosaurs or know all of the stages of the water cycle. The theme is about focusing their thinking so they are matching dinosaurs by colour or sorting them by whether they have horns or long tails or some other attribute. They are learning to be social, take turns and cooperate as you create a mural together.