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05-31-2011, 01:35 PM
Have you ever had concerns about a childs development or behaviour to the point where you think the child may have a delay...what did you do about it..did you tell the parents and what was their reaction
I have a child that I strongly feel is autistic (aspergers to be specific). I am not a Dr. or an expert. I have however had close experience with 2 children with aspergers. I also have a special needs child of my own so am very aware of differences and milestones. I have had bad experiences in the past with telling parents I was concerned (they both quit, and yes they were both later diagnosed with a special need). I love this child to death (I know you aren`t supposed to have favorites, but she is mine) She is so sweet and love me too :) I would be sooooo upset if I lost her and I really don`t think the parents have any thoughts that she is delayed.
Any thoughts...

05-31-2011, 01:49 PM
I have some experience with this,
The mother was actually the one that told me she was worried because her 2 .5 year old barely spoke. I later took a few classes with a speech therapist who agreed that there may very well be cause for concern. I gave the mother some paperwork that explained the normal milestones and reassured her that I was here to help her and her child. That my only concern here was to make sure her daughter thrived and was able to communicate her needs etc. I gave her the speech therapist`s contact info ( she really wanted to speak with the mother) But nothing came of it sadly. I did what I could .
I think they key here is to make sure the parents know you are coming from a place of love. You truly do care for their daughter and this is why you are intervening. Remember that no parent wants to hear their child is different and they usually shoot the messenger.
They may very well leave once you tell them but you have to think of the child first . Maybe they will look into it after you mention something and this girl can get the help she needs sooner.