View Full Version : How to get kids into your daycare??

02-26-2013, 02:56 PM
I've been doing some advertising for just over a month with no success. I have an ad on here, one for my local kijiji in the nanny/childcare section, I've posted on numerous London mom groups that I'm a member of on facebook. I've posted it in my FB status. I've had a few people inquire about my daycare, but no takers yet.

I'm starting to get a tad worried since my maternity leave is up the middle of May. If I don't get some kids, I'm going to have to scurry around trying to find daycare for my own 2 children in only 3 months.....and then I'll be going to work for basically nothing since most of my pay will go to pay for daycare.

What am I doing wrong?

Someone suggested calling the schools in my area to see if I can put my posting up on their board. I've thought about putting out flyers around my neighbourhood - is that tacky??

Help :)

02-26-2013, 03:35 PM
Those are good ideas to do (flyers, schools). Also, if you do not have a website, I suggest making one. If the parents can see that you have a plan in action (daily routine, meals, philosophy) and the space beforehand, then they are more likely to contact you for an interview. A few good sites to use are webs.com, weebly.com and I'm sure there are others.

02-26-2013, 03:53 PM
I second the idea of the website, it's made the world of difference for my interviews and parent's interest because they see it all before they meet us. You need lots of fun, action shots as well as the creative aspect in your pictures and you must figure out your niche and what you can offer that your neighbour does not.

There are a whole LOT of home daycares in London and some areas are really saturated. I'm near downtown and there are tons of office workers. Depending on your area of the city can you advertise at the factories, the hospitals, the university or college to find people? Good luck.