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daycare woman
06-29-2011, 12:36 PM
Hi ladies
So I've never had a daycare child not sleep the full 2 - 2 1/2 hours till now. She is 17 months goes down fine but wakes at 2- 2:15 and cries and screams and cries and screams, its driving me bonkers, wakes the other children occasionally. I go in and say stop crying nap time, cover, walk out and it seems to get louder! I'm not exactly sure she understands what I'm saying. But I never take her out early actually leave her till the last to get up. I will not take her out till she stops crying. I wait till that happens. Íts a bit disruptive. The child is in a room by themselves with the door closed, it helps a bit. This child is part time and an only child, I think the parents run to pick him up right away and this is what is affecting her. She seems to settle after 3-4 days with me but then gone home again and back to screaming next week. I'm really not sure its scheduling though. I was thinking of changing her room to the basement where my daycare is and I have one sleeping there now, but instead putting her down there and who cares if theres crying, no one should wake up upstairs. This is the reason I can't have kids sleeping together, I would never have a break at this rate. I would like to have her wake up and play in her bed she has a baby safe book and a baby safe toy, which ends up over board. Any suggestions? I am not giving any of my time up thats for sure!

06-29-2011, 12:45 PM
omg are you looking at me in my house RIGHT now!! this is my identical problem. FORMER problem!!
same thing here, pt girl, 15 mos. naps maybe an hr then screams. she used to sleep with another LO in the same room until she started doing this. now i put a playpen in our computeroom in the basement. shut the door, go upstairs. (on main floor) now everybody else can sleep. i can still hear her, but for sure not as loud!! She is safe and eventually settles down. this is a mandatory nap period and her parents are aware of this nap time. it is not fair to me or the others just because she wants to have short naps. The child is better off being left alone to sleep, and only sleep because it is only a couple hours and she needs it. she will eventually learn that at your house, sleep time is not optional.
Good Luck!

daycare woman
06-29-2011, 12:48 PM
omg that is hilarious! Your right thats me, and I think I'll be doing the basement with the door closed but still within my ear range...yeh...

06-29-2011, 12:54 PM
I had this problem with a part time child and i fianlly said enough as it really just kept messing up my days! i like a schedule, and so do the little ones! Try talking to the parents and see what there nap routine is like! You need to be on the same page!

06-29-2011, 07:58 PM
I would do exactly that... and have, in fact, done exactly that. I have a little boy that when he first came, there was clearly no nap routine or schedule whatsoever. From talking to mom, it sounds like they do go in and get him, as soon as he squawks a little. I was leaving him for a few minutes, and then going in to get him, because I was so worried he would disturb everyone else. (They are in separate rooms, but directly next door to each other). Then he was absolutely exhausted within an hour or two. And you know how that goes!!
So I began leaving him a little longer. And wouldn't you know it, he will settle and go back down after about 10 min of fussing, sometimes 15. He is still the first one up, so what I usually do is leave him until last to put down after lunch. Every once in a while, he wakes the others, but I leave everyone and it usually quiets down again.
If you are worried that it's a disturbance, I would for sure switch him to the basement. And he will very likely learn, eventually, that at your house it is nap time in no uncertain terms!