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01-10-2014, 12:10 PM
For those who do before and after school care, at what age do you generally find children 'leave' your care? Because of the area that I am in 85% of my daycare children are before and after school care, however, I am ATTEMPTING to plan ahead for September, and get an idea of whom will still be attending, but the parents do not want to give a straight answer. Grrrrrrr......

01-10-2014, 01:28 PM
Depends a lot of what you are offering and how long the child is in care. I would use age 10 as a guideline. A lot of parents will let a 10 year old stay home for a short time on their own or hire a teen to come in and hang out with them. With so many electronic devices these days and kids so willing to use them having a child come home, eat the snack parent left on counter and then play video games till mom comes is very tempting.

A lot of schools don't let kids stay in their programs past grade 6 so whatever that translates into. Around me the school asks those finishing grade 6 to leave in June and then fills those spaces with kindergarten kids coming in for Sept so also for those of us that have JK kids leaving for school they often do it for July vice Sept.