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01-27-2014, 01:03 PM
At what temperature do you restrict a child from entering your daycare day or staying at daycare for day?

01-27-2014, 01:06 PM
I do an armpit reading and if it is about 37.3 C I send them home.

I like using this website as a guide for fevers:


5 Little Monkeys
01-27-2014, 01:56 PM
I use the armpit thermometer too. Don't forget to add a degree! I send home if the temp is 38.3C (so the therm will read 37.3).

If the child is nearing that temp, I will send them a text as a heads up that they may need to pick up early.

01-27-2014, 04:37 PM
Anything over 100.

01-27-2014, 06:06 PM
Yep, 100 or higher.