View Full Version : I have a screamer.

02-05-2014, 03:38 PM
I'm exhausted. I am so drained and my ears are ringing. The worse part? This is a child that has been in my car sin September and guess what? This started just three weeks ago!! What?!?

I understand transition times and whatnot but she's been great ... Up until now. What changed? I have no idea! I'm at a loss and I've tried many things: pick her up, let her cry, wear her in an ergo, give her food, switch from one nap to two naps, switch from two naps to one nap, eat lunch at a different time, have a nap at a different time, stick to the routine and see if it improves. Nothing, but I mean NOTHING helps! My other kids are on their worse behaviour now and I can tell everybody is just done listening to this screeching all day long!

What do I do? How long do I wait until I find a replacement? I feel bad because this is the first family I signed but I also know is is business. I'm trying to keep my cool but I feel like I'm bursting at the seams here.

5 Little Monkeys
02-05-2014, 04:49 PM
When is she screaming? Does she do this at home? Is it something medically?

That would be exhausting to hear all day but it would drive me even crazier if I didn't know why she was screaming!

02-05-2014, 05:44 PM
Good point 5 little monkeys, I would investigate to see if you can find out why the change.

It is amazing how listening to crying/screaming can make you feel so drained so quickly. I hope this quickly resolves itself.

02-05-2014, 07:21 PM
When I asked the first time, I was told she never did this at home. I asked again today at pickup and I guess she does do it at home on occasion. Should I request they take her to the doctors? The parents are travelling for work right now. One was gone last week the other this week. They claim that the change is what is making her so upset but I just don't know.

5 Little Monkeys
02-05-2014, 07:37 PM
Is she screaming all day? Are they happening at the same time or are they sporadic?

The parents schedule could be the reason. Still doesn't make it easier though for you :(

02-05-2014, 07:48 PM
I'm assuming the screaming is an unhappy one? Have you tried isolating her? A playpen (with a few age appropriate toys, a blankie from home) really worked for me. When she cries, pop her in and as soon as she stops pop her back out? Perhaps she's overstimulated? Man I wish they came with a translator sometimes;). Is there a room just off your play place you could place the playpen? That kind of would give you and your other DCKs a little break on the volume level? Just a thought.

02-05-2014, 08:37 PM
My cousin's kid started crying one day at daycare for what seemed no reason at all. Their provider got them to pick her up and they brought her to the dr. Turns out she had a broken ankle! Just saying, unless it stops immediately when parents come at the end of the day could be something medical.