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02-24-2014, 01:58 PM
So I have 2 kids. My first daughter I just threw her in underwear at 2 and was done with it. She had no interest in potty training but she did it because this is what I expected (plus I was on mat leave #2 and had another baby in diapers so I was done) She got it pretty quickly but she of course had accidents. She was definitely more on a "schedule" in the beginning (rather then initiating it herself) but she learned to hold it in between pee's and then started to go independently. She was completely trained during the day by 2.5 (still wears a Pull up at night).

My second daughter (just turned 2 in Jan) has shown interest and at 20 mos I put her in underwear and went for it. She was able to pull her own pants up and down etc and was excited about potty training. She just doesn't seem to get it like my first daughter. I think part of it is I have less time with the daycare but when she is in underwear with a plastic pant she just pees in them and tells me afterwards. She has her poops on the potty though. She is still interested in potty training but she hasn't figured out when she needs to go. She will pee on the potty tons when I put her on but in between she won't initiate. I recently put her in Pull up's because I felt the constant peeing in her underwear was discouraging for both of us and she was loosing interest/feeling unsuccessful. I feel like we may have taken a step backwards but she still goes on the potty when I initiate it, the difference is, no mess! what would you do? I was thinking about putting her back in underwear in a month or so but I don't want to keep confusing her. Thoughts?

02-24-2014, 02:07 PM
I am potty training my 21 month old daughter right now and I keep her in panties with plastic pants over top during the day. She was doing really well and telling me she had to go, then she spent a weekend with the grandparents and I sent pull ups because I didn't want my mom to have to be cleaning up if she had an accident. Well she totally regressed and I spent the last week retraining her, spent a whole week of constant accidents but finally on Friday she got back into it and is back on track.

So, if it were me I would not do the pull ups and just keep doing what you are doing. I also take the philosophy of not stressing about it and not making a big deal of it if she has an accident. I just put her on the potty afterwards and remind her that this is where she is supposed to pee. I also give lots of praise when she does go pee in the potty and sometimes offer a chocolate chip as a treat.

Good luck!

02-24-2014, 02:09 PM
I personally think it is great to start training before 2 but I just don't think a child before the age of 2 has the vocabulary to truly be trained. If you can leave her in panties and just send her every hour then great but if not then just go with the pullups. There is nothing wrong with pullups. Some children take longer than others and I don't think pressuring them to much to train before age 2 is necessary. It is all with what you are able to do during your day.

I trained my daughter in pullups during the day (during daycare as I have carpet in the basement) and we did panties in the evening. I started introducing her to the potty at 18months. We did pullups for naps/night until about 3. At 2.5 she was completely in panties during the day.

Do what works best for you. Your daughter will get it but she is still young.

bright sparks
02-24-2014, 02:11 PM
I think with toilet training there is a difference between showing an interest and actually being ready. Like you with my first I put her straight in underwear and she was trained in a week and dry at night after 4 days. She just got it and I think that is exactly the thing, she understood it and was able to control it. I think that perhaps 20 months was to early for her to get it even if she was interested in it, that's just my impression from the info I have. I personally would either stop toilet training altogether and go back to it in 4-6 weeks when she is a little more physically able to control her bladder, or get rid of the pull ups altogether, put her in underwear and opt for conditioning her initially with lots of reinforcement during this time about what she should say when she needs to go, and that we don't pee in our pants etc. Neither one is necessarily ideal, but what you are doing right now isn't working either so they would be my suggestions for next course of action.