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04-07-2014, 10:02 PM
Anyone have younger kids (2 and under) all napping in the same room? (in their own playpens obviously)

Right now I have them in playpens in my family's bedrooms, but this is a bit of a pain for a few reasons. I am considering putting all their playpens down in the playroom come the fall, when I won't have any older non-nappers that need quiet playtime then. It is a basement, so darkness won't be an issue, but with toys all around, I'm worried they will just freak out that they can't get out to play and not want to nap. Having them all together and able to see and annoy each other and keep each other awake also concerns me. Has anyone successfully gotten multiple toddlers to go to sleep in the same room, or better yet, in a play room? How long did it take before they were all going to sleep easily?

04-07-2014, 11:06 PM
I have 5 under three sleep in the playroom. The three 2 year olds and one 21 month old sleep in cots. The 20 month old will be a few months yet I think before I transition to a cot. All but one have stayed in bed. First time he scaled the pack'n'play, I got out the cots. I did have one nap a few weeks after that were I had to put him back in bed 5 times. All has been smooth otherwise. They all started napping together in the playroom, so it is what they are used to. I set up the video monitor so I can view and talk to them if needed. In my old location I used different rooms for each and I much prefer this. It can work :)

04-08-2014, 06:21 AM
As in Discoveries case, my kids have always slept close together so don't know any different! I have a pretty large basement space so have room to angle playpens so they can't really see each other....until the stand up ha ha! All my kids are under 3 and everyone is in a pack and play. My own kids sleep in their rooms. I really prefer keeping the daycare completely separate.

04-08-2014, 06:41 AM
I separate until they are on one nap a day. Then, depending on well they sleep, they go together, so about 15-18 months. I have one who co-sleeps at home who is still on her own (just turned 2). I am going to try her next week as she has been improving steadily over the past month and is quite keen to sleep with her friends.

My other ones all start out together. Two are great, lie quietly, good sleepers, etc. The other one is a flipper and flopper and needs to wiggle her way into quiet. Some days are good, some not. I give her 15 minutes to settle and then if she is still struggling to settle I will move her to her own space. These are all newly 2s and are all on cots.

It isn't ideal, as I would like to have then all together, but I do have the space to separate if need be.

Artsand crafts
04-08-2014, 06:57 AM
Since I opened the daycare they have always slept in the same separated room. With the current crew I followed Momof4 advice when I transition 3 one year old at the same time. I have them in the separated room at the beginning and for a few weeks I had to give up my quiet break. Every time someone wanted to seat or get up I lay them down again. I also told them to keep quiet when they were making noises. One of them got it the first week and was transferred to the nap room with the others, for the other 2 it took about 4 and 7 weeks to be moved to the nap room. My nap room is also dark and has white noise all time. They only get up after I go to pick them up after 2.5 hrs. I also have a video monitor and if someone is making noises or trying to get out, I told the offender through the screen to keep quiet.

5 Little Monkeys
04-08-2014, 08:15 AM
I have most of my kids sleeping in the same room. I will sometimes have a child in the hallway which is right next to the sleep room. The child in the hallway is either a child that doesn't nap well, nap as long or is adjusting to dc. Once they are adjusted or sleeping well, I transition them into the nap room as I do prefer to have them all in one room. I am only allowed to have 2 under 2 but I have had that plus 2 just over 2 all in the same room and it worked fine.

I put a blanket on the side of their playpen that is next to another child. They are told this blanket is not to be touched and for the most part, they all listen. It helps when they can't see each other I find. I also have a video monitor so it is easy to watch all of them if they are in the same room. I've had a child climb out of her playpen so I now like being able to glance at the monitor if I hear loud noises.