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04-08-2014, 01:47 PM
I have a 3 yo dcg who doesn't nap. According to her mom, she never napped well. I took this with a grain of salt as I have had a few "nonnappers" in my care and once they get on the routine etc they nap well. I only have her until Sept so I will tough it out but I am looking for ideas.

She really does not nap. She is required to stay on her cot and if she does then she earns a "Leapster" for the 2nd hour. She is finding it hard to do the nap time though. I ignore her when she talks to me on the camera and she just doesn't earn the Leapster and I tell her so. She gets up, dances, pulls her pants down on her cot. She doesn't really disrupt the other kids much as they are all good nappers and I have placed her on the other side of the room. Other ideas? She gets tons of praise when she "doesn't goof around" as we call it.

I do not want to bring her upstairs to watch a movie...nap time is "kid free" for me.

04-08-2014, 01:59 PM
I think what you are doing is fine. Another thing I have done with those that can't lay quietly and not disturb others is tell them if they bother the others that there is no "special snack". Special snack in my home is afternoon snack that is a treat - so cookies, granola bar, pudding etc. Those who have lost their "special snack" privilege get something no so fun - vegies, rice cake etc.

Does the child have a portable DVD player from home? Could they watch a movie with headphones on in your playroom?