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04-09-2014, 06:45 AM
So I am 13 weeks today!!!Due oct 16th. Thats the good news, the bad news is that I have 2 DK that I need to tell their parents. I am so scared because I love these kids and I hate that they have to go somewhere else and I could possibly lose them.

Also I need advice.
DG is 2 yrs old , I've had her for a year so by the time baby comes it will be a year and a half. She will need transition time to move somewhere else. I just don't know if i should keep her till the end of september then have her go somewhere else until the new year, or suck it up and take her back a few weeks after baby is born.

DB's mom is a teacher so He will be gone for the summer. I am thinking for his own good I should suggest to mom that she Transition him somewhere else at the end of the summer and if she wants him to come back i could take him after christmas.

Both little ones are so attached to me and will need transition time to go to someone new. I just don't want to disappoint these parents.


04-09-2014, 07:30 AM
I just went through this last year. My LO is 7mths now. I would hold off as long as possible to tell your parents (I was 16weeks when I did). I worked up until 3 days before I had my baby and took 4 weeks off and to be honest I was ready to go back after just a couple weeks. My parents understood that I would slow down leading up to my due date and after returning as well. The good thing for you is the weather will be getting cooler so you can take it easier if you need to.
I was scared to tell my families but they were so awesome and figured out short term care for the month and everyone came back. Good luck and congrats!

Crayola kiddies
04-09-2014, 07:36 AM
You really need to have a plan in place for when you tell them .... Such as how long your going to work and how long your going to take off after the baby is born ... Anything longer then two or three weeks then you risk losing your families .... Also what about dr appts ? Will you've closing? Scheduling at night ? Or having someone come in to look after the kids while you go such as your mil or other family member or friend. The better plan you have in place the more secure parents will feel .... If you just say I'm preg and I'm not sure what's going to happen they are going to start looking for new care ASAP . Good luck and congrats

04-09-2014, 08:02 AM
I am honestly hoping to take a couple months off at least only because after my DD was born I had major complication and actually needed a DnC at 7 weeks Post Pardum. I know its not likely for all that to happen again but i'm still nervous about it and would like extra time. I know I risk losing the families and thats what breaks my heart I am sure i will find new families no problem but I like these ones lol

04-09-2014, 08:46 AM
Cogratlations, kassiemom! I'm in a very similar situation - 13 weeks pregnant due October 13. I know for sure that I am closing my daycare and taking at least a year off with my new baby. I agree that you need to have a solid plan in place, decide first what you want to do and to wait as long as possible before you tell your clients.
Also I would prepare yourself for the possibility of a family or two leaving as soon as they find alternate care (all the more reason to wait as long as possible to tell your clients).
I am telling my children this weekend and going to tell my clients after Easter. My contract states that I require four weeks notice if they decide to fine alternate care and I will remind them at that time that that agreement is still in effect.
Good luck and let us know how it goes.