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04-22-2014, 06:47 AM
So I do home care during the day until 5 PM, Well one of the kids i watch is the son of a friend of mine. I told her that I would help her out by watching her son and 12 year old daughter this evening from 3:30-9. Normally I wouldn't stress too much about this but the 12 year old is more work than the 3 year old. She has no responsibility, rules or anything at home. You would think by 12 she could stay home alone at least. What makes it worse is I put myself in a pickle last year when we started and didn't charge her for the 12 yr old because I thought at the time that she would be a help or just sit on her iPad the whole time. I assume the ship has sailed that i can start charging her for the 12 yr old. I honestly don't know what to charge her for evening care. I am not looking to do the typical overtime fee or anything (she is a friend) but do i just charge her my daily rate or ask for $5/ hour???

04-22-2014, 09:14 AM
The friend thing is hard, eh? I would be upfront and say that your budget can no longer allow the 12 yrs old to attend for free and that she will be charged the same daily rate as everyone else. If she protests and sends her somewhere else then she's off your plate and someone else's problem. If she pays, then at least you're getting something for the hassle! Good luck :(