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05-01-2014, 11:05 AM
Has anyone ever had a dck that ended up having hearing problems? I have just started a pair of siblings, and right away I've noticed something very strange about the younger one.

Now first, it's only his second day here, so this could just be his way of dealing with all the newness.

He's 15 months old, and can walk and feed himself, but is definitely still a BABY. He's very small, doesn't speak at all, and just still acts like a 10-month-old. Doesn't play with toys, just inspects each one for about 2 seconds and then tosses it over his shoulder and goes for the next one. He's not interested in interacting with other children or myself at all, just turns away if someone tries to engage him.

What's really strange though is what seems to be a lack of hearing. If I call his name, there is no response, no head turning, no nothing. If another child yells, shrieks, starts up a loud or singing toy, he doesn't notice, turn his head or his eyes towards the sound. After I noticed this I tried clapping my hands, loudly, to one side of him or the other, and there was zero reaction. I have yet to see him react at all to any sound.

Like I said though, it is only day 2, so I'll give him some time to adjust a bit before I jump to any conclusions, but it was so obvious that little alarm bells started going off in my head.

Has anyone had to deal with a child that ended up having hearing difficulties? If anybody has any other strategies or things to watch for, I'd love the advice! Thanks!

05-01-2014, 01:03 PM
The lack of wanting to engage would concern me, especially coupled with not seeming to hear. I'd give him some time in case it's his way of adjusting but if I noticed this in a child who'd been with me for a while, I'd think autism possibly
http://www.helpguide.org/mental/autism_signs_symptom s.htm

05-01-2014, 01:11 PM
How old is the sibling? Old enough to get some info from? Even a 3yr old might be able to give you some info maybe try asking questions such as what is the boys favorite toy, does he like loud noises, does he get scared by loud noises...see what you can get to work with.

There is the chance the little guy has just shut down. He may be so overwhelmed he's distanced himself from everyone and everything to cope. "If I don't hear/see you you're not here."

You can also hint at it at pick-up. I notice little johnny doesn't startle to loud noises like most 15month olds...is this normal for him or is he trying to settle in and is tuning things out. See what they say. There isn't much you can do...you need him fully settled before you can get a good sense of what the issue is, you can't diagnose a child on how they behave in a new environment especially if it's a huge transition. Hopefully the child is just tuning you all out and in a matter of days he starts responding!!

05-02-2014, 08:13 AM
where do you live? I ask because we have a program here in Peel (outside toronto) that you can refer parents to for hearing BUT you can call ahead and explain your concerns and they will take it from there. As a provider you can't tell parents there is something not right with their child but the first step is to always check hearing. The other things you described concern me as I used to work at a Deaf daycare and the children are typically up to par with their peers with exception of hearing. I have also had a child who did EXACTLY like you said I would go behind him and ROAR really loud or clap my hand and Nothing, no response. He is a hearing child and turns out he has ASD. All you can do is provide the best care you can and perhaps make sure you sit in front of him and have him look at you when you're doing an activity. Suggest to the parents that you notice he isn't responding when you call and that you will keep an eye on it as he may need some time to adjust . at least you've planted the seed. then as time passes if it doesn't improve you can more seriously tell them he needs to see a doctor to get his hearing checked

05-02-2014, 09:18 AM
My son was hearing impaired for a while because of scar tissue from having many ear infections. When I told his daycare after finding out their response was "that's why we always had to yell at him". I was floored and so upset....why didn't they let me know. I would honestly let the parents know if you don't see an improvement soon. My son ended up needing tubes and was lucky to get his hearing back about a 1 1/2 later. It could of been permanent, his speech was delayed a bit but has finally caught up with his peers.

05-02-2014, 10:58 AM
What do the parents have to say? I would be mentioning it to them, for sure.