View Full Version : Literally 5 min before pick up !!!!

06-18-2014, 06:57 PM
Ugh !!! Finished getting all six kids (5dck and my dd) ready to go outside , I open the door and it just started to pour !! So back inside and get everyone out of boots and jackets . We spent the next 20 min singing songs with tambourines !!! A lot of fun ! 2 dcks leave and we decided to play farm . So we pretended to be cows and chickens and 5 min before the last two moms showed up two dcks , being horses , bonked heads !! Really hard !! One side of head connected with dcg on top of forehead !! Ugh like goose eggs !
Ugh !!! Everyone stopped crying pretty quick but I feel like a basket case ! I hate head bonks !!
My older daughter fractured her skull when she was younger by just clunking it on the stairs ( really one stair !)
So I freak anyway ! So dcms are telling me , kids bonk heads don't worry ! But sitting here trying to relax I'm still stressing about it !!!
I need to chill ! But I really find I suck at remaining calm !

bright sparks
06-18-2014, 08:26 PM
Goose eggs look nasty so I think it's understandable to have a moment of "HOLY COW!!" panic!! I had a little guy going on the potty on ceramics and he sat on it scewif and pee'd on the floor when he stood up he did your classic movie stunt of slipping on a banana peel and his entire body went up in the air and he landed on his back and wacked his head really really hard on the tiled floor.....OMG...now I usually do a pretty good job of keeping calm but this was nasty! I kept him awake for fear of concussion and I iced that baby for over an hour. It went from sticking out a good 2 to 3 inches (((MASSIVE))) to being totally gone by the time his mum picked up. Take some deep breaths, glass of wine ;) and draw a line under today.

06-18-2014, 08:34 PM
Goose eggs are good! You want to see that after a massive clunk on the head. If it's swelling outside, it's less likely to be swelling inside. It's enough to give you a major coronary, but all in all, after a bad knock on the skull, a goose egg's what you want to see :)