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07-22-2014, 03:36 PM
Hi everyone, quick question, when is hand foot mouth no longer contagious? I have heard everything from when the blisters spots stop appearing, when they scab over, when they disappear....could be weeks after....I don't know. I had it come through my daycare, three of the cases that had it have no more spots, the last one still has spots, she didn't break out in them a week and a half after the the others.

07-22-2014, 03:47 PM
We just went through this at my place.....twice in 6 weeks....lots of misdiagnoses. It sucked....alot.

When the blisters are dried up, they can come back to daycare. Telehealth told me it would be a minimum of 1 week from the onset of symptoms, but possibly longer if the blisters were still present. Even that isn't a guarantee, just a guideline. After that, the virus can live in the stool for weeks afterward. So, I reduced our toys to half and disinfected every day. I also got a stack of receiving blankets and put them in individual, sealed baggies for diaper changes. These were washed daily. I also changed all crib sheets and bedding daily. I did the disinfecting and bedding for two weeks and continue to maintain the diaper changing blankets. They always had individual change pads that were washed weekly. It seemed prudent to me that they should be individually packaged, labeled and washed daily. Wash hands a LOT!!! It's a giant pain in the arse, I can tell you that!