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10-26-2011, 10:06 PM
Just wondering what the napping situation is like in your daycare.

Do the kids all sleep in their own rooms, do they all sleep together in one room, do different ages sleep in one area and older kids rest/sleep in another.

Currently I have my own two kiddos (2.5 yr and 4yrs) and two dck (boy and a girl both 2.5 yrs). Most of the kids sleep/rest on the top floor of my house (dcb in the masterbedroom in a pack n play, my son in his room and my daughter in her room and dcg sleeps in the bedroom in the basement which is just off the daycare space.

All is hunky dory at the moment but I am thinking about taking in a little girl part time (twice a week) starting in May 2012 and I am not sure where to put her to nap.

I have a few options but not too sure what will work best. My kiddos may nap once a week and that is it but they have to spend 1 hr from 1 until 2pm in their rooms playing quietly or reading and then they can come out and spend the rest of nap/quiet time in the spare room and watch tv with me and we all snuggle in bed and rest together. Recently my son has enjoyed singing during nap time and he can get a little on the loud side at time :rolleyes:

I think what I may do is try to put all the dck on the top floor in their own rooms and then move my own two kiddos downstairs. I can still keep them seperated for the hour as there is the bedroom down there. That way things will be quiet upstairs and I don't have to worry about my two waking anyone up with their singing, playing, etc. Also if any of the dck wake up early I can just bring them down to the daycare space and they won't wake anyone else up.

It would be nice if I could have the two girls sleeping in the same room but I am wondering if that would work out as I am not sure what type of napper the new little girl is like. The one I have now takes a few minutes to fall asleep and then usually naps from 1-3pm. She will occasional wake up if she hears a loud noise outside (we are in a fairly new development and there is still some construction going on). Also, seeing as though the new little girl will only be coming part time I am assuming it will take her a lot longer to settle in and adjust to our routine around here.

What would you ladies recommend? I have the feeling there may be a little bit of bedroom shuffling for the first little while until we find something that works well for everyone - ho hum....sorry that was so long winded - that's what happens when I try to write a post and I should have been in bed an hour ago!!

10-27-2011, 07:30 AM
First off realize that in 6 months your daycare group will be very different ages and have different needs. In the case of your oldest, they may not be napping at all so that frees up a room. Also your age and numbers in care may totally change by May too.

Right now anyone under 2 has a packnplay upstairs in a family bedroom. The others all sleep in the same room (our diningroom converted to main floor play area). They are on mats except for the one 2 year old that is in transition and she still uses her packnplay since I can't trust her to stay put should she wake early. Thay all sleep for most of the two hour quiet time.

Sandbox Sally
10-28-2011, 01:18 PM
Heeehee, it wasn't too long to keep my attention. :)

I personally put my two playpen babies in one room and the toddler (in a bed) in another. I would put them all together, but the toddler likes to get out of bed if there are distractions in the room with her. I think the kids could all get used to sleeping in the same room given a little time, but like you said, there may be some shuffling going on as you realize their limitations.

The idea of putting y our own two in the basement seems like it would work best from my perspective. However you do it, good luck, and let us know how it goes.