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09-15-2017, 01:37 PM

I am new to a Director's role and have a question about Immunization of new immigrants. As you know we require current immunizations for each child but what do you do if a child arrives from a new country and they do not have their immunization chart with them. Do you require them to then fill out an exemption file or do you just let them attend until they receive their papers?

09-16-2017, 12:08 AM
I am in BC and I got in touch with my Lic Officer to ask what to do when I had parents that chose not to get shots for their child and she told me we can't force them to get shots but to inform them it was in the child's best interest to get all of the required shots.
Then I had the choose of taking this child or not .
If I did take them ....which I did not , I had to tell them to stay home with the child if there was an outbreak of any diseases at the daycare or their child might get it .
So in your case I would say to allow the child to attend until the papers arrive but also talk about how important to be up to date on all the shots for the child;s sake - but remind them that until you receive their papers they have to keep their child home IF THERE IS AN OUTBREAK OF MEASLES , MUMPS OR CHICKEN POX IN YOUR DAYCARE and that is because you have no proof that the child is up to date on the shots that is required in Canada.

09-17-2017, 11:07 AM
I require all client's to be fully immunised and have clause in my contract that I will terminate a child who I find out has missed an immunisation.
I understand that those coming from other countries will not have the same immunisation schedule as us if they have one at all, but for me, that's too big a risk. This is my home not just a business. I have the right to exclude anyone for any reason especially at interview stage. I will not take an unimmunised Canadian child and I will not take an unimmunised new comer. I don't care why the child hasn't been immunised, I only care that they aren't immunised and they cannot come here unless they are.
Of course, we cannot force anyone to get their shots and nor should we be able to. Some people haven't had their shots due to other medical issues and it would be dangerous for them if they did get them. That's not my problem though. What is my problem is taking an unimmunized child who might then bring a contagious and avoidable illness into my home where some children might be too young to have had their shots. Likewise pregnant client's would also be exposed. I'm not being responsible for that potential issue.

bright sparks
09-17-2017, 07:38 PM
I do not have a mandatory requirement of immunizations for children entering my home daycare. The greatest risk is to the non-immunized child If another child is carrying or has the antibodies from their shot which puts the other child at risk of catching something.

Also, some of the illnesses immunized against do not actually pose a life threatening risk to themselves or other children so for me, it isn't an issue and I am not going to lose any sleep over it. If by some kind of miracle a child were to have chicken pox, they could still attend daycare as long as they could fully participate, which to be honest is highly unlikely at first with the crazy itching, but not because of them being contagious. If a parent were pregnant then there is a risk to them, but if their child has been immunized, then they won't contract it and take it home anyway. I get where Suzie is coming from, but as an immigrant with teenagers who came to Canada at ages 2 and 4 who had not had the same immunizations, I guess I have a different perspective. Should there be any epidemics, the child who hasn't had their shots would be the one to stay home from care if need be. If a child hasn't had shots, and brings an illness into the daycare but the rest of the group is immunized, there "shouldn't be" any risk of them contracting it anyway. The greater risk is to any other child who isn't immunized. I have all families sign a waiver since I can not be held responsible for any illnesses the children may pick up as a result of being in group care. I also advise parents of my immunization policy, so should they not be okay with it, they can look elsewhere. I won't be the one to say a family can not attend based on their right to choose. That works for me and is rarely an issue anyway. I think it is personal preference and the reasons for and against are valid. Do what you feel comfortable with in terms of your policy.