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Thread: Clumsy child

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    Clumsy child

    Hello fellow daycare operators,

    I need advice please. I have an 18-month old under my care and there are a few issues with the child. He has so many tantrums that I have never seen in a child (and I know tantrums are normal for toddlers), however this child expresses his anger by banging his head against the floor (tile, hardwood, carpet), screams on top of his lungs, or recently started to bite everyone when he is angry. In addition, this child is at the stage of climbing onto everything, chairs, tables, shelves, outdoor structures etc. My daycare is child-proof, I stack up the chairs when not in use or turn them over so he can't climb on the table, but this kid is so clumsy. He falls off of everything. He falls off a toddler-sized chair just sitting on it, not even doing anything/not reaching for anything. He falls off the climbing structure. When I do not let him onto it, his anger is tremendous. I have tried everything, redirection, time-in, talking to him at eye level, positive encouragement, talking to parents, etc.
    I am not only concerned for his health and safety around head banging, climbing but also all the other children in my care.
    I need advice please. TIA

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    Hello, it's me again
    I forgot to mention that I have documented everything in my incident book and the parent is aware of all incidents and behaviours.

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    Hi. If you read toddler development (it is not clumsiness) This is normal (their brains still developing and growing). Toddlers have big heads and small necks. The weight of their head pulls them down or also causes unbalance. That's one of the reasons why toddlers around toilets, stairs etc is risky Obviously, not all children are same some are more balanced that others or some have stronger neck muscles to support their heads.

    Yes, many toddlers are energetic and like to climb on everything. I practically do not have anything they can climb on, chairs and tables are at their level and only used when we do table activities and meals, other ways we are in other room that doesn't have anything to climb on but, they can run or be active.

    I currently have two toddlers in my group one of them is very active. I take them to our playstructure and stay with them until they get tired of climbing and sliding down (a toddler has learned to slide down safely very quickly ). Saying "no" just gets them angry and because of not enough expressive language yet, they get frustrated and start throwing tantrums.

    I usually try to meet their needs, take them to walk allow thEm to move and explore on their own, help them when they climb and that keeps them calm. I've heard from their parents that their toddler throws tantrums (obviously not here. They're too busy and entertained for doing that).

    In regards of banging his head. I have some theories: maybe has seeing that doing it causes more attention, or maybe has a tooth ache, or an ear infection.

    It is great you're doing and keeping documentation In the centre we do and ABC observation.

    We try to observe and figure out when a behavior has a pattern or what is causing it. .

    A = antecedent - find out what happened before the behaviour started. Or what seems to trigger it.

    B= behaviour - how he reacts or what's his reaction and how he displays it. And how long it lasts.

    C = consecuence - did his reaction called your attention (positive or negativelly?) And what was done to calm him down or what seems that works best.

    Once you do this at least 3 or 4 observations youll be able to determine and act proactively to discipate the negativity and encourage a positive behaviour.

    And this kind of observations are slso applied for children that bite.

    When parents tell me their child threw a tantrum, I know they weren't able to understand his needs so, I act inmediately by giving that child an extra attention at the beginning of the day and all goes smooth.

    Also, if he seems that cries in pain then probaby they should check with their doctor. Simple things can trigger negative behaviour, constipation, physical pain, getting a virus etc.

    I hope it helps.
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