A mom of a 22.5 mth DCB told me today she will be keeping her son home for a week for potty training soon.

Although I really appreciate her dedication and commitment to get it done, this little guy is quite delayed in many ways. He didn't start walking until 2 months ago, only has about 2 or 3 words, that are barely audible (mama is clear), babbles, still has a slight soft spot and smaller than normal head circumference, and is wearing clothes for 12 months. Mom says his brother who is a few years older trained fully by 18 months. Well, Brother who is huge is on the opposite end of growth chart

She is a reasonable woman so far for everything but she seems adamant that he will be trained no matter what. My question is can a child that is delayed in many ways pick up using the potty? He's not even that steady on his feet, and quite uncoordinated. To me he has more the mannerisms of a newly walking 14 or 15 month, keeping his arms up to help balance while he walks. He is a nice kid and understands some of what I ask him (go get your hat etc) but he can't express yet. He is quite delayed compared to the other kids similar age in my group.

I don't know how to react to her (You Go Girl!..... or "Really?"). Has anyone been surprised by a physically and emotionally late bloomer being able to train earlier than you thought ? I'm hopeful, for the kid's sake. Nothing worse than brother being better at something like that! Tx!