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    Mom told me today at pick up her boy is being checked out for Digeorge Syndrome . A chromosomal abnormality which causes physical and intellectual delays. I've Google it now and he will struggle with growth delays, but many of his symptoms are mild imo ( They liken it to autistic behavior which I don't see in him). More than ever now, ii think his first years before school are so important so I'm going to continue to provide a positive stable environment so all the kids can thrive and be the best they indivually can be I also told her to look iinto getting him off of cows milk as his bm are too loose. If we can firm those up then he may potty train on the bms. She is concerned his brain won't get enough essential fatty acids for brain growth which is especially crucial for him without cow milk. Any suggestions about alternative efa's is appreciated. So now we have the whole scoop.

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    I'm really grateful you haven't gone the though way with this family, you have been aND are that little light of support and hope.

    ThE tests you've mentioned are a bit.more complex and only time can tell, it might not be severe at first look but only the especialists can determine where he is in the spectrum.

    Some might not be as obvious as others (which becomes hard to tell). I believe in miracles and some hAve surpassed low expectations. It really depends on how they're nurtured and also the environment plays a big role. Nurture vs nature��

    In regards of loose bms Yes milk could be one cause. Can you ask the parents if they can try or change to an organic one, also organic butter Sometimes that makes the difference.

    Also not too many seeds or legumesn his diet. Start working on fruit portions and balance his diet. Apples and bananas help too.

    The Omega 3 fatty acids for brain development are found in fish, organic eggs, milk, cheese, butter,, yogurt, coconut oil, all the dark green leafy stuff.avocatoes In meats but the ones free range raised all fruits and veggies, animal fats are also better and healthier than the processed saturated vegetable oils (cooking like our grannies used to). I'm sure this parents will be aware on how detrimental for the brain development i
    Are all processed foods (I still reading about resent research in nutrition and it is a lot information), but all that knowledge helps me to guide parents and improve my own caring skills. I'm lucky to have a professional nutritionist on board to back me up. That's all that comes to my mind for now ,

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