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Thread: Income tax

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    I think it's extremely very really neccessary. because that is a huge component of what is triggering all this press back against college reform. There is only Subjecto going to help students.
    In fact I think it's definitely critical to realize the connection between the political patronage of unionized institutions and also their native failure.

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    "write out a receipt for used toys" and claim it...hmmm....we can make our own receipts. Over all the years I have bough and paid cash for toys etc at garage sales, I've NEVER CLAIMED THE AMOUNT. I was always under the impression that the person you bought the goods from had to give the receipt and in a garage sale case....they are not going to! Anyon else???

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    Can anyone answer this?

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    Guys, given the fact that now Quarantine and many services refuse to repair household appliances, this has become a big problem for me. At home, the refrigerator broke down and many services were denied to us. As a result, our neighbors recommended lg appliance repair to us. As a result, the guys arrived quickly and repaired everything.
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