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    Caregiver's paid personal days for new parents

    Hello, I am wondering what your policy is for parents who join mid year. Currently I have 15 personal days of which the first 7 is paid. For those of you who have partial/all personal days paid, and you decide to take the bulk of your personal days throughout the second half of the year, do you charge parents joining mid year less? For example, I am taking 14 out of my 15 personaly days from September onwards this year. I cannot be flexible with that this year. I have a new kid joining Sept. His parents are asking if they have to pay for the personal days I am taking in October (of which 5 of them would be paid and 5 would be unpaid). I'm wondering if you would skip charging the parents anything since they are only joining in September.


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    Hi. I usually get paid my (between Christmas and new years break", but that usually ads to two to three days rarely four days but, also my group of parents know that I do not take or use y allowed personal days during the year. For families that have joined a month or two before my vacation time there isn't any charge.

    In regards to your new clients if they're asking obviously it's a concern, ie. They havent started yet and now they are faced with extra fees to pay for your personal break

    I think most of us thrive for stablishing lasting relationships with families in our communities at times it is better to be fair than leaving it as an unfriendly and harsh situation.

    Also it should be left clear that this is not expected this year but it will be next year. Good luck.

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    I have 10 days per year. My policy is that each month, I have earned :-

    # of personal days per year / # months in a year = 10 / 12 = 0.83 days each month.

    If a client leaves when personal days have been earned but not taken, then their final bill includes the requirement to pay for these personal days. If a client leaves and I've taken more days than I've earned, too bad. This is laid out in my policies and see by clients when they join. I will add that I typically don't take my annual week until start August and so prior to August it's rare I've had more than one or two days for appointments.

    Doing it this way means that if someone comes towards the end of the years, I've typically got a pot from the prior client's leaving and paying for annual days not taken which can be used as income for days off. This gives me the ability to waiver these fees on a case by case basis if I feel it's a bit unfair. i.e. If I decided to take all 10 days in the final two months of the year and someone was new into my care from September, then I likely would understand it is unfair to the new family to pay a full year's of leave. I would pro-rota the fees they would have to pay and take the other days from the fees charged to the family who left.

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    Thank you both for your response. I have thought about it, and I will updating my policy for 2020 to reflect something similar to Suzie_homemaker. As for these clients I am waiving the fee as this year I may not be able to give my mandatory 2 weeks' notice of when in October I will be taking the 2 weeks off as I am due in October (so it depends on baby). I did give them a friendly reminder that this is only an exception for this year just so there is no misunderstanding. The other parents are very understanding of what's going on because I have developed a relationship with them. I have not with these parents so I can understand how uneasy they may feel.

    Thanks again!

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