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    Termination of care

    The daycare owner and the employee caregivers are not comfortable with a parent who is unlike the other parents constantly trying to find something to make a complain and is unable to find anything but still wines, complains and make things up. For example the things he thinks and says to the daycare operator/owner and which have no reality are for example:
    -You guys invited us at your child's birthday party and didn't serve us food (in fact there was food served on the table and everyone was helping themselves )
    - cake cutting time you guys didn't wait for my wife who was in the bathroom with my son
    - my son didn't get a chair to sit near the cake cutting table and it was the caregiver's responsibility to seat all the kids and was not their parents' job. ( All the other parents helped their kids to be seated)
    -Based on these complains the parents thinks and says that the caregiver discriminates among the children and doesn't give good care at the daycare too and he told the caregiver that after this party now she has to show that she really loves his child and is giving good care.

    The rest of the parents are super happy with the care and everything except this only parent. His complains are very unique and the caregiver never heard about these kind of complains from anyone else. She has been providing best care to all of them equally for many years and now she fears that this family will always be looking for things and making things up to make a complain and it wont be a happy environment for the caregiver. The caregiver wants to terminate the care with two months notice, what is right to say or write in the notice? Any advice plaese.
    Thanks so much

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    If the caregiver is set on termination, I would write,
    I am unable to care for XYZ any longer, effective XYZ date. The last payment of ### is due XYZ date and the last day of care is XYZ date. I wish you and your family the best in the future.

    Or something similar. It really depends what is written in your contract on grounds for termination and the situation.

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    Dont give them 2 months notice unless that's your requirement in your contract. This parent is going to be a jerk for the whole notice period so don't make it longer than it has to be.

    You don't have to give a reason for terminating as long as you give the contracted amount of notice.

    Dear Parent

    Please be advised that this is formal notice that care for your child, NAME, is being terminated. As per the contracted terms, your final day of care will be DATE which provides you with one month's notice. Fees remain due at the normal scheduled payment dates.

    Signed : Day Care

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