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Thread: Condo Daycare

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    Condo Daycare

    Hi everyone, my name is Stefanie and I'm new here. I am planning on running a high quality, play based home daycare in my condo unit and cant seem to find much information on if condo daycares are allowed in Ontario and if they are for sure, does it matter what floor you are on? I live in a modern complex with 3 attached buildings and we have town homes within the complex - lots of young families that I overheard talking about a lack of child care, but the condo will not allow me to post ads grrr.

    If anyone knows for a fact that unlicensed condo daycares are allowed, please let me know! Thanks

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    I'm in Ontario and I would suggest to check your condo policies and ask also your insurance company or if the condo fees have a coverage for your condo (through your monthly condo fees) then most likely you'll have to find an insurance company that will cover your home business and liability.

    So far, as I know "agencies" do not allow or do not license in buildings (I'm not sure if it is all agencies).

    Some condo policies explain that you're limited to use your unit strickly only for residential use and not business. And any other use the decision depends their board or building management and I would say it would be fair to ask the people that shares your floor as well.

    I think. You would do best if you get a townhome, making it easier for evacuations if needed, or in the main floor of the building.

    A friend did it only with three kids in a low rise building but then she found hard to share her family space with her daycare. She ended up renting another unit in the same building (main floor) and it was set only for her daycare. Then she was able to increase her ratio to 5 children
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