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    Child arriving in poopy diaper frequently

    I have 2 sets of parents that live about a 5-7 minute drive away from my house.
    Approximately 3 days out of 5, both of them will arrive in a poopy diaper that is very evident, and just toss the kid in my arms and make a snarky comment about the child being poopy.
    Iím getting a little tired of this, and I find it hard to believe that both kids poop in the exact 5 minutes of the car ride each day.
    Would you ask the parents to change them, or is it not worth the fight?
    My contract says children are supposed to arrive in a clean diaper.
    I realize ďsh** happens* as they say, but it is not an occasional thing, itís very consistent.

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    I usually do not fight those (obviously this happens maybe two three times a year:0)

    And I do understand your situation; children sometimes create those routines maybe being seatted and relaxed just helps their bms.

    Anyway, as it is becoming an unoying situation. Perhaps you can ask them to leave them changed. Just facilitate the space and everything needed ready for a diaper change. Ie. globes, wipes, diaper and a bag. Better if it is all close to the sink where they can wash their hands. And a clear set of instructions on how to change diapers.

    I have my space always set and ready. So regardless if it is at drop off or pick up (sometimes) parents can easily change and go (everything is facilitated;0)

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