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    2 hour morning drop-off program

    Hi All!

    I am thinking of starting a morning drop-in program. I have heard it called "Mother's Morning Out". We do not seem to have any of these in our area of Ottawa.

    My plan is to run a 2 hour drop-in program (9-11am) with daily activities and a BYOsnack time. I would charge 20$ a drop-in, for children 18 months+ and have 3 spots available (I have my own 16 month old).

    I am looking for advice and suggestions. Will there be any profit in this or will the overhead cost be too much?

    I was originally thinking of starting my own home daycare, I have 10+ years experience working in preschools and as a nanny. However, I am too overwhelmed with the idea of opening a full-time daycare and caring for my own daughter at the same time and am thinking this might be a good alternative......

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    Hi Kelliann,

    That's a wonderful idea. But, I'm not sure we're are you located in Ottawa close to downtown we have many programs "preschools" that basically take children in as young as 18 or 20 moths old. Another program similar is offered by mothercraft "respite care", about the rates I'm not sure how much they charge. But $20 seems fair in your case.

    Another thing to consider is the general ratio, if it is in your home it's only 5 kids including yours and obviously the ages starting in July 1st. It would be legal to have there under three.

    Analizing that kind of option I think it won't create an steasy income. Unless you have and fill up your spots with clients that will take your services in a regular basis ex. Once or twice a week.

    Also you must consider that not many young children can transition easy. That's why homedaycare prefer them 5 days a week and full time. (This practically helps the child settle better). I have offered a part time spots and it worked great but the kids were older.

    As it might seem hard of taking care of your own child and others. I think actually it becomes the opposite. As far as you create a good routine it usually runs smoothly. Many providers have started daycares while taking care their own children. Routine is absolutely a key.

    I have parents for one reason or another had the preschool experience and I got these feed back.

    1. Two hours wasn't enough, it took longer time according to them to get ready and drive and drop off and not enough time to do what they needed to do (even worst during winter months)

    2. Due to inconsistency the children demanded mom to stay.longer in the program at drop off time. And lot tears in some cases.

    Perhaps you can run a playgroup like sing along songs or dance and movement, story time etc. Maybe you can rent a larger room ex. The library and create an special program that children and mommies can participate. Once or twice a week. Get a larger group (or enrollment ) that way. You have your fees upfront and just work on your programing;0)

    Good luck.

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    Thank you for your insight peacefulbird. Very good point about adjustment times.... This is something I overlooked and I see how it could make it very difficult.

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    I would lengthen the hours to 3 hours and run it similar to a preschool program, and allow for some outdoor play as well. I would provide morning snack only.
    I would also do set days of attendance for clients, so that you have a consistent base of clients and kids who adjust to the routine.
    I think if it’s drop in, there may be such variability as to whether you have clients or not on a day to day basis, but you will have to be ready to work each day in case a last minute client decides to drop in( or sometimes they cancel at the last minute) which leaves you with no income.
    I know of people in my area doing drop in care, and they have to schedule their days and pay in advance 24 hours ahead of when care is needed. That way, you don’t lose income, and you’ll know in advance if you’re working or not that day.

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