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    I wouldn't be too concerned with them playing in the yard because you can always tell the children to go home if there was an emergency you had to deal with*
    Hi, unfortunately the insurance companies won't think so. Read their policies, I was explained that in the event of something serious happening (even if parents are around), it is your property and you are liable but also responsible on following the province's ratio policy), if they find out during their investigations that you had been over ratios, your liability coverage with the insurance company will automatically be cancelled.

    Regardless being a child paying or non paying but in your property with your knowledge and concent.

    And please, can anyone support this with their experience? Mine is that unsupervised children usually are misbehaved. Or test limit's what about if something happens to that child in your property and their parents cannot be found inmediately?

    If you do not show any concern due to ratios then most likely you're showing to your community the lack of seriousness and professionalism towards the childcare field, the group will keep growing and everyone will think there is a free babysitting drop in program, therefore perhaps run to the store while the kids are at the "free drop in house".

    Unfortunately friends or not, the childcare situacion is a very delicate territory here (we are working with the most vulnerable group of our society "children").

    Absolutely No. Not even a second in my view. I usually inform parents, friends etc in my community, to let them know and be aware of over ratios "illegal" situations and report them inmediately.

    They also know they're most welcome to join us when I have one or more children out for the day or week but within my ratios(I usually send an especial invitation for a playdate). And adults and their child can always join us during our outings (parks, library, etc)
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