Good day all! I need some help & advice on how to address an ongoing issue.

So where I live (Manitoba) I am only allowed a max of 4 children under 12 in my care at once, & I am very strict about following this rule & take my job quite seriously. I have been having issues with neighbourhood kids on my block coming to hangout on our property when they see us out.

Since my neighbourhood is fairly new (my house is the oldest one on my block & its 2 years old), so I donít have my own personal backyard set up just yet so we are limited to playing in the front where weíre clearly visible. Most of my neighbours arenít very good with their English, & most of the neighbourhood children that I am having issues with are cared for by their grandmas who speak almost no English. Lately when weíre outside thereís certain children who flock to my driveway to come & join my daycare kids & my daughter & itís been really bothering me because they are almost always unsupervised & when their grandma sees me come outside they go back in. The other day one of the boys whoís older than my group but not quite FT school age yet was driving in my driveway with his bike & I panicked when he almost ran over one of my daycare kids & when I asked him to leave he didnít seem to understand what I was saying, & we came inside afterwards. Another day I caught him trying to rip the toys out of one of my DCGís hands that she was playing with & I of course handled that situation but I donít think heís understanding me or getting the message because he keeps coming back.

Normally I would just very friendly explain to the parents the situation & that would be it, but the no English speaking thing has me puzzled. I should add that my husband is the same ethnicity as our neighbours so Iím wondering if they think itís ok & are too comfortable with it because thatís what they do in their culture, they are always willing & able to care for their friends & familyís children whenever without having a problem with it. Thereís also only about 7 of the 20 houses on my small block that are all VERY good friends with each other so I know that if I try to address this I will become the b***h of my block & maintaining good relationships with my neighbours is important to me. Also, in the afternoons is when we play on my property, & the mornings are when we take our walks & park trips since pick up times vary from 3pm-Closing so park in the afternoon isnít feasible.

Any advice on how to handle this? I know that it has to be addressed, even if I end up ruining any potential good relationships from this, as my DCKís safety is #1 priority.