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    My husband still claims "he doesn't support me". Even though he does daycare dishes, cleans up toys and volunteers to watch the children when I have appointments. His space is disrupted when he has time off and our house is different with me providing childcare in our home. He has not let go of the fact that I left a great paying job to stay home with our 3 children but I dont regret it for a second. He likes the families I have and the children adore him. As stated above, if childcare is in demand, you don't need to worry. If it is harder to find childcare, maybe you can just give great childcare and get great references.

    I have a feeling my hubby will be the same- not being able to let go of leaving a great paying job.
    Thatís great that he helps out with some of the daycare stuff!

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    Thank you for your kind words.

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    Unfortunately I'm single and I don't have a husband.

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