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    Do your partners/husbands support you?

    This is my first post here. Iím in the planning stages of opening a home daycare which has been my dream for some time now.
    Iím having a hard time getting my partner on board. He likes financial stability and the thought of me being self employed he finds very scary.
    Iím wondering if your partners fully supported you in opening your daycare from the get go? If they didnít, what did you do to change their mind?

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    The financial stability part could actually work in your favour depending on where you live. Where I am (Winnipeg) there are more families looking for childcare than there are spots available, so I have found it to be just as reliable as if you were on a payroll somewhere. Most of the families I’ve come into contact with in my daycare have never had a lot of problems paying on time because they really value that they have a good spot somewhere. Most of the time my families pay a day or two before fees are due, & one of my families actually offered to pay for my vacation since I take an unpaid vacation. Take your time & find good families that you think would work well with your daycare & you shouldn’t have too many problems.

    My husband was always on board, although I do find myself having to remind him of things that he has to alter during our open hours when there children here. He does like to sit on the couch & have his coffee so I have to remind him to maybe take his coffee to the table where there aren’t children playing near him. Another thing he is still adjusting to is the fact that just because I am home does not mean I am available to do our usual things we do when we’re home, like having people come to give quotes & estimates (landscaping businesses, maintenance people, etc.) because I’m unable to fully devote myself to listening to what they say & I don’t like the idea of having people here during daycare hours. He is very supportive, but still adjusting to the change in habits that come with it. It will be mostly your responsibility to maintain & operate your daycare, it is still important that your husband is on board as well because there will also be some slight changes he will have to adjust to as well. You may not be able to throw a load in the washer whenever you need to so if he needs something washed he will have to do it himself. If he needs a lunch made for work there will be times he also has to do that himself. If he has usual habits that he enjoys doing that could interfere with your routine & schedule (meal times, nap times, outdoor time, etc.), that would also mean he will have to make some changes as well. Opening a home daycare was always a possibility that we had discussed once our house purchase went through & once we were established in the home.
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    I have the most wonderful husband and we have been married for 35 years. When I first started in child care, we had four young sons of our own and just had two day care children. As my own aged out, more day care spaces opened up.

    I will say, we have never depended on my income and it's always been extra money but in fairness, I think that's fair of many of our generation and a completely difference situation for young families these days. I know with my oldest two sons who are now married to their lovely lady's and have young family's of their own, both incomes are needed to finance their homes.

    I am well established in my area, even though it's not a big city or high demand area. I am the higher end of the rates too and it's rare I have a space - if I do, it's because I do not accept rotating shifts or part time clients and so sometimes have to wait for a parent who works Monday to Friday to reach out. I don't compromise in panic for being a child down but we have the luxury of being able to turn away those who aren't a good match.

    This is not reliable income. Even if you are the most wonderful carer with a fantastic program, people leave - normally in September when they age out which can result in multiple spaces empty at the same time, but life happens to clients (lost employment, job change, move) that they don't always control which will result in you having a space.

    Depending on your locations too, this isn't a high income option. We are the only self employed business who is limited in the number of customers we can see each day. My rate is $40 a day. Avg around here is $35. When you work out the cost of food, insurance, toys, crafts, heating, wear and tear on building and so on, you will on average be earning min wage. Less if you have spaces available. Even less if you have young children of your own who count in your ratios.

    If you are looking for financial stability, this is not a good option.

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    I’m in the planning stages of opening a home daycare which has been my dream

    I'm really lucky to say that my husband is very supportive of all my initiatives (he knew me way before dating i love doing projects, my husband is always along my side making sure my dreams come true:0) I also think this goes both ways I support what he does or sometimes when he wants to make changes. We usually discuss things on the table evaluate pros and cons and then make decisions.

    When we decided to have family we were very clear on wanting our child (ren) to grow in our home in a family environment and in our house (so, it wasn't in our planes for me to go back to work any time soon.) Once we had our first child we decided that I'll stay home and raise the family. BUT then I fell in love with the idea of enjoying my days with the kids having fun etc. So, I started my homedaycare my husband supported my decision and we made some changes in the house, and what really helped running it smoothly was to set boundaries from the very begining.

    1. It is a job (he cannot rely or count with my presence even if phisically I'm there, he knows my mind isn't; 0) 8-5pm I'M AT WORK

    2. Chating, calls etc I answer before 8am and after 5pm. I check my phone only once at noon (when the kids nap or are in a quiet activity) Other ways trying to call me or reach me during my work hours, it means really, really URGENT.

    3. My family has their own space. I absolutely respect that as I expect from them to respect my daycare space.

    4. I always leave meals in jars ready to warm and eat. So they do not need my presence or my husband is also very reliable in doing fast meals if needed.

    5. We both do laundry or vacuum the house, our house chores are pretty much shared. Obviously, my daycare is my responsability.

    And all runs smooth. IT wasn't expected from me to be the bread winner or to make a certain amount of income. I was supported to do what I love. And it created a good reputation an a steady solid income. I guess I'm lucky to live in one of the cities with higher daycare demand, which also allows to offer enriched programs and therefore price my services accordingly.

    Please note, although it might sound and seem dreamy, EVERY WORK HAS ITS OWN CHALLENGES, specially at the begining but, we continously keep learning to improve and do our very best.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you for the feedback!

    Currently I have 2 of my own children. My daughter is in JK as well as the after school program and my 21 month old is in daycare 3 days a week and family watches him the other 2 days. I returned to work when my 2nd was 13 months. My current job requires a lot of daily commuting, anywhere from 2-4 hours. I get home past dinner time and Iím finding itís just not the balance I want in my life.

    Iíve had this dream since my first was born, itís just taken some time to really develop my ideas and a plan.

    Home daycare is in high demand in my area and the average daily rate is between $40-$50. When I factor in the costs associated with working out of the home, Iíd make an extremely similar amount running a home daycare watching 3 full time kids.

    I think my partner is more worried about when clients leave and filling the space type of financial stability than the yearly take home amount of that makes sense.

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    Home daycare is in high demand in my area and the average daily rate is between $40-$50. When I factor in the costs associated with working out of the home, I’d make an extremely similar amount running a home daycare watching 3 full time kids.*

    I think my partner is more worried about when clients leave and filling the space type of financial stability than the yearly take home amount of that makes sense.
    It absolutely makes sense but, as I always say "if you do not try it you'll never know". Our children grow up fast, you do not want to regret not trying to do your best to share and be beside them. Start with a plan, if you husband sees the confidence in you of making it work, I'm sure we'll support it, and back you up. Oh! I also forgot, something very important, husband's are sometimes very territorial;0) stablish his very own space and privacy to relax or eat after he comes back from his work. Same as all of us, they, just need a space to unwind even for few minutes then they are able to deal with the rest and even help. It is your Dream so, do not place any expectations on him (maybe just to be a responsible dad for your own children at the end of each day, when you need to connect with families on board).

    1. Beging putting some money aside just in case (for the months that you won't have an income, while you start)

    2. About the financial situation, I started with no expectation of an steady income but, because it was my dream, my dedication and getting close to families created an steady income (thankfully with a long waiting list), I usually fill my spots a year in advance for children that are aging out of my daycare. And there is some family changes here and there but I just go back to my waiting list and someone is always ready to fill in, it's basically a word of mouth system.

    When I want to go out of my waiting list just for a change or refresh or challenge myself by going out of my zone of comfort. I use this website to advertise, this practically helps me also to refresh my program to know new families out of my known circle.

    When you place yourself out there just do your very best and everything will work fine. Work towards creating a good reputation, do not follow or do what others do, or what everybody else does (take the best advises) and create something unique that reflects "you", your personality your philosophy. And you will see, on how parents value that.

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    Thank you so much for all of the feedback & advice you provided!!

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    My husband still claims "he doesn't support me". Even though he does daycare dishes, cleans up toys and volunteers to watch the children when I have appointments. His space is disrupted when he has time off and our house is different with me providing childcare in our home. He has not let go of the fact that I left a great paying job to stay home with our 3 children but I dont regret it for a second. He likes the families I have and the children adore him. As stated above, if childcare is in demand, you don't need to worry. If it is harder to find childcare, maybe you can just give great childcare and get great references.

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