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    Tips for closing


    I will be closing my daycare and would love some help in what to say to clients please!!!

    I will be sending an email and will also discuss in person.

    I am terrible at writing things

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    Since you haven't stated a specific reason for the closure, then it's going to be harder to make suggestions that consider the reason for closing (moving away, retirement, new venture). That said, sometimes the generic approach is best as it means client's don't have the specifics to argue their case with.

    Pick a firm date if you haven't already. As mean as it sounds, don't make it much longer than your normal notice period. Otherwise you run the risk of them searching for new care now and leaving long before you hoped. i.e. don't give them 2-6 months notice or you risk them finding care now or in 2 months time and you could be stuck with your timelines for one or two children only making it a financial struggle.

    Keep it simple, direct and to the point.

    "It is with sadness that I have reached the decision to close the daycare and this chapter of my life. Please be advised that Friday <whatever the date is> will be my final day of business. Tax Receipts will be issued on that final day.

    It's been a wonderful experience to care for your child and I wish your whole family all the best in your next adventures too."

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    Thank you Suzie_Homemaker!

    I actually gave 3 months notice and it turned out fine ha ha! I appreciate your tips on wording!

    Also, thank you for responding to everyone's posts! This forum used to be very active but I know many do not come anymore. I know all the newbies really need someone like you to guide them☺

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