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    Newcomer to Vancouver - Next steps for opening a daycare

    Hi Everyone!

    I am new to Vancouver, and also having my first baby there. For the last six months, I have been doing a lot of research and business planning to start a daycare center. I want to open it because financially, it makes more sense to run a business that allows me to be with baby, but also have a "business" to run. I don't see it as the only means of financial support, but instead of staying idle at home and freelancing, this is a challenge I want to take up for myself and baby

    I am not an ECE, nor is it my forte. Thus, I plan to be running the daycare as a manager. I do however, have significant experience with business planning, design/marketing, market research and resource mobilization. According to the Child Care Legislation, I plan to run a daycare that falls in the category of "Multi-Age Care (with a child less than 12 months)" where each group is 7 kids, and this requires a single educator for every 8 kids. The setting will be family care.

    Based on my initial calculations, there is complete viability and I do not plan to be drawing large amounts from it, but it takes away the headache of finding childcare for my baby.

    I also am open to rent an existing facility and possibly buy. My question is, where do I start? Do I first go to the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority?

    I still have a few questions such as, is there a list of spaces which are preferable to open a daycare that meet requirements? But I was wondering, whom do I speak to, to start the process? Secondly, how can I hire an ECE but based on the contingency that the facility is licenced?
    Right now, all of my work has been online research etc. so it would be helpful to hear from those who are actually running a facility.

    Thank you very very much! I have lots to learn from all of you!

    Thanks so much

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    Hello I dont have much advice but I am in the same boat. Wondering how you have gotten on and perhaps share thoughts. Inbox me?

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