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    Aggression and sleep

    I have a daycare girl( almost 3 years) who has become very bossy and physically aggressive with peers over the last 3-4 months. This was not typical behaviour of this child prior to that( other than occasional instances) child is extremely verbal and can acknowledge her feelings quite easily with myself and other peers.
    So mom starts telling me that child is being put to bed at 930-10 pm and wakes up at 5am, and is concerned that the 45 minutes to 1 hr nap here is ruining her sleep at home, and the sleep issue is apparently always the cause of her bossiness and aggression.
    I have tried my best to keep the child awake, but she falls asleep and I wake her at 1 hr maximum. If she doesnít have that short nap here she is so aggressive and defiant for the last 2 hours of the day before pickup.
    Iím at a loss, because the child isnít even being put to bed before 915 or 930 which in my opinion is too late for a 2 year old. They are often out running errands or at the park until 9 pm at night. Ultimately this child is averaging 8 hours or less at night.
    I get that sleep deprivation may be contributing to her aggression, but Iím tired of it being my fault. She needs to be put to bed earlier and Iíve expressed that many times. Itís very difficult to tell a parent how to be a parent without coming off offensive.
    So if I completely remove the nap, I get the aggressive kid for the rest of the day, as well as the morning too from poor sleep at night.
    Getting very frustrated as sheís more work than the infants and needs constant shadowing all day.
    Any suggestions are welcome please!

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    Wow! Her bed time it's too late. Obviously this contributes to her cognitive executive functioning and other skills such as self regulation or self control.

    I have a group of boys they're absolutely busy but I do a lot physical activities with them which helps them to relax, think and supports a positive behaviour.

    2 of then as soon as they were abut 28 months gAve up their nap time and currently they focus that energy to arts and quiet activities.

    Maybe she is ready to give up her nap time. If she is not falling to sleep within 20 minutes at nap time then most likely she is ready to stay awake. But, if that is the situation then the paren'ts will have to make sure she is in bed latest by 7:00. This is a constant discussion I have with parents. Once their child is ready to give up nap time. They must put their child to sleep at 7:00 pm and if the child misbehAves (basically agresive b.)then, I must act upon the wellbeing of the child and make sure he/she has the much needed rest or nap as long as their body and brain needs it.

    Many families in my group changed their schedules and extracurricular activities. They do and book things to be done on Fri or weekends but not during regular days when their child arrives home exhausted ready to go bed and sleep through the night:0)

    I think you, Busy ECE Mommy, have alL the rights to guide those parents and find recent research to back up your facts. It's either the child gives up her nap and they put her in bed by 7 latest 8 or they can continue with their late nights routine but then you'll have to put her to nap as long as needed.
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    Whats their proffesion?

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