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    Daily Food Waste

    So here in my home daycare most of my children are here by 7:30-8:00am. I provide breakfast, lunch, as well as afternoon snack. I am finding that 2 of the 3 DCK’s I have waste most of the food that is served.
    There is one boy who always eats his breakfast, but doesn’t really eat his lunch, & doesn’t eat his afternoon snack.
    There is one girl who doesn’t really eat her breakfast, doesn’t eat her lunch, & doesn’t eat her afternoon snack.
    There is another girl who NEVER eats her breakfast, eats all of her lunch, but never eats her afternoon snack.
    I am finding that I am throwing out at least 60% of the food I am providing. I have a menu of food that’s served & I do try to keep things fresh & not serve the exact same things all the time. One thing I’ve noticed that is ALWAYS going to waste is fruits & vegetables. I used to serve some crackers occasionally as part of snack but I found that the kids never ate their fruits/veggies that was served with the crackers, so I stopped serving crackers with produce & only served a good portion of produce to encourage them to eat & they would sit there & stare at it before telling me they were done.
    One of the reasons parents choose my daycare is because I provide food so I am wondering if making parents provide either snacks or meals would be a good idea & I don’t know how well that would work out (I don’t own a microwave, by choice). I’ve asked parents if they’ve fed breakfast before since most of it goes to waste & they all say they don’t at home because they know I give it here. My daily rate is also lower than most where I live & I do include food so if I chose to not provide food I don’t feel like lowering my rate would be better a good idea for myself since my rate is already lower than most.
    Any help/advice would be appreciated!

    *Edited to add: I do serve healthy meals & healthy snacks, & I do also have a scheduled time & routine for meals & snacks.
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