I recently had a client, whom I just ended services with, that even though going through my contracts and explaining before taking them on that if they missed days due to their own actions that they still had to pay, but if they missed days because of me they didnít have to pay. They agreed to the rules and so I became their caregiver for their child. This week they. Missed 3 days and she said she thought it wasnít fair and only wanted to pay half of what was owed. After going through the contract and reminding them of the terms they agreed to, she proceeded to yell at me and tell me she wasnít going to pay and good luck getting the money owed. I informed her I would gladly take her to small claims if need be then and good bye. My question, is there any way for me to make a report on the on this site or in my area to warn other daycares of the way they act? To save someone else from going through what I went through.