There an daycare on sale with currently 14 kids and we would like to buy it. I live in Montreal, QC.

I got some question regarding expense write-off and tax deduction.
I was reading the Revenue Canada and also the Revenue canada.

For the Revenue Canada, i only see Home daycare. not a commercial daycare with more then 5 kids. Does this apply to my daycare for expense I can deduct since it only mention Home Daycare. Mine is not in an home, but in an office building.

Revenue Quebec for small business mention i can do some deduction expense:

So i am trying to find out exactly what expense i can deduct/write off.

Also, they provide me with their financial result. In the financial result, there is no row for expense deduction/write-off, like telephone, electricity, etc..

I presume for a financial result, you normally put your revenue, all expense and that it.