(I think I posted this in the wrong section, so here it is...I am looking for advice, please.)
I run a family daycare and need some advice please. I have a 2 y o girl who started a couple of months ago, attends 5 days, but only 5.5-6 hours daily (she is picked up shortly after lunch). She is a nice happy girl, for the most part. But I have 2 problems with her. Firstly, she has been very demanding lately, does not want to share toys, or I should say rips out EVERY toy from other children's hands and then tries to run away with it. My efforts have been unsuccessful so far, she does not listen to rationale, reasoning, consequences, or books about sharing. I even tried time-outs which I am not a fan of. She is an only child, but I have other children here (only child too) who play nicely at age 2.
Secondly, she has only napped with me a couple of times but I ended up rubbing her back for about 30 minutes. This was about a month ago. She will be increasing to full days now, which means nap time. She is already in tears and calling for her mama just after lunch and I have tried a couple of times to put her down (as she was tired), but no luck. I have tried singing, music, white noise, rubbing her back for 5 minutes, but she just screams, and gets up. She angrily throws her doll or stuffies out. I put her in a play pen, but she can easily climb out and she DOES climb out, even if I put her back for the 15th time. I already took her out of the naproom, as she wakes up everyone in the entire house.
I am at a loss. I am not going to rub her back for 30 minutes, I only did that twice on her first week.
She co-sleeps at home and this is her first daycare experience. And we spend lots of time outdoors, she is tired I can tell.
Do you have any advice? Thank you