I want a triple stroller but I have triplets who will be 2 in July and am pg B"H with a baby due in September IY"H.

I currently have:

1) A single City Jogger that I love (from my older one)

2) A double Valco Latitude that I currently HATE and that is falling apart

I need a carriage that is easy to wheel, easy to fold and HOLDS UP WHEN USED AND ABUSED (folding/unfolding a lot, up and down steps-- my Latitude couldn't take it-- my City Jogger did beautifully)

My carriage is practically my car so I'm thinking of getting a double with a third attachment or using the single for the baby with an attachment for one twin and when I do long walks they'll just need to take turns...
best triple stroller with good price

Any and All options please!